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Hair In Lockdown: 5 Tricks To Postpone Going To The Hairdresser


The hair grows and grows, the roots are getting darker and the tips soon look like a fir tree? Slowly each of us has a small or big problem with our hair and we want nothing more than to finally go to the hairdresser again.

Beautiful hair despite lockdown: 5 tricks to postpone going to the hairdresser

Beautiful hair despite lockdown: 5 tricks to postpone going to the hairdresser | Hair in lockdown: 5 tricks to postpone going to the hairdresser
Healthy and shiny hair without a hairdresser? That works - with these 5 little tricks

Unfortunately, they have been closed since December 16 and it is still in the stars when the hairdressers will be allowed to reopen. With these little tricks, your hair will stay healthy and shiny even without a visit to the hairdresser.

Beautiful hair despite lockdown: 5 tricks to postpone going to the hairdresser

1. Put on the right care for your hair

As with almost all things, the same applies to hair: the right care is the be-all and end-all. Especially in lockdown, it is particularly important that our hair gets enough moisture. The heating air dries them out even more and makes them brittle. So care for your hair with and cures that give your hair moisture and strength.


2. Dare to do the lace cut yourself

If the hair gets more and more split ends, there is only one thing left to do: The tips have to be removed. There are currently a number of hair tutorials on how to cut your tips. The only thing you still need is your best friend or family member and hairdressing scissors. This is particularly important for the perfect result, with normal craft scissors you only break your hair.

3. Choose the right look for your hair

If you don't feel comfortable using scissors, you can also hide brittle hair in some hairstyle trends. Whether a bun or a plait: the hair looks directly healthier and does not hang lifelessly. To make the tips look shiny, all you have to do is massage some hair oil into them and voilà - the brittle hair is skillfully hidden.

4. Refrain from heat styling

Even if it is nice to deal with new hair tools in lockdown, you should rather do without the straightening iron, curling iron, or hairdryer. The devices ensure that your hair quickly looks brittle and dull. It also puts a lot of strain on the hair. If you can't do without your beloved tools at home, you should at least set the temperature to the minimum and use heat protection for your hair.

5. Use blonde spray

When it comes to blonde spray, opinions differ. For some it is a little lifesaver, others think nothing of it. Our tip? Less is more. If you just can't see your dark roots, you should spray a little blonde spray into the roots or just lighten your outer strands a little. After one or two applications, the hair looks a little lighter.

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