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What Short Haircut With Glasses After 60? Our Advices


Short haircut after 60, our advice for those who wear glasses...

The older you get, the more the hair fiber becomes fragile. Nothing like a fresh and dynamic short haircut after 60 to boost her hair and display a rejuvenated look. Especially when wearing glasses! How to pass the course? Follow the leader…

What Short Haircut with Glasses After 60? Our Advices

Over time, hair texture changes and ages like our skin. The hair becomes thinner and loses its density and strength. So to avoid wearing tired lengths, it is better to switch to the short cut. And as often, when you get older, glasses become an accessory that is part of everyday life, we thought of selecting the best ideas for short haircuts that hit the mark after 60, especially when combined with nice glasses! Explanations.

What short haircut to choose after 60 when wearing glasses?

What short haircut to choose after 60 when wearing glasses? | What Short Haircut with Glasses After 60? Our Advices
Sharon Stone's pixie cut and smoked butterfly-shaped glasses.

Want to change your mind? It is well known that changing your haircut boosts self-confidence or allows you to turn certain pages in your life. So, are you ready to take the leap? Now for reflection. How to identify the ideal short haircut when starting the second part of your life? For that, it's very simple, you just have to take into account several criteria: the nature of your hair, the styling time you want to devote to it, and the morphology of your face.

The main objective is to bet on a cut model capable of softening the features and balancing the proportions. A hairstylist can perform a diagnosis in order to identify the haircut that best suits your style. Nevertheless, here are some tips for choosing the right short haircut model past 60, without missteps.

The layered cut: The star of short haircuts after 60

The layered haircut allows you to structure the hairstyle and create movement. It is also very useful for creating a volume effect, which hair over 60 generally lacks. A degraded cut can be made on short or long hair. This is the secret of a dynamic and rejuvenated look. Here are some examples of degraded cuts to boost your sexagenarian style in tune with the times.

Degraded square

Degraded square | What Short Haircut with Glasses After 60? Our Advices
The short square idea for woman after 60 who wears glasses.

The square-cut adapts to all styles. This timeless hairstyle is a great classic of requests at the hairdresser and for good reason, it is available at will. Wavy, smooth, and wrinkled, it's the ideal cut to change your look according to your mood.

A good idea to twist your square? Bet on a degraded cut. It instantly brings volume and can be used as a transition between a long cut and a mid-length cut, for example. Finally, the blurred gradient square is one of the trends of the moment. The idea is to let your hair live without trying to constrain it with too smooth brushing or drawn curls. To be tested with glasses with thick lines that inject a touch of seriousness into the look.


Pixie cut

Pixie cut | What Short Haircut with Glasses After 60? Our Advices
Women's pixie cut model after 60 with glasses.

The pixie cut stands out because it is as short on the sides as it is on the back. A must-have cut for oval faces, it provides an instant lifting effect. Very degraded, it brings movement and can be declined in a boyish or rock version.

This hairstyle is also iconic for red carpet looks when it's texturized with gel and reveals a wet look. For flawlessness, the pixie cut requires flawless coloring, either naturally bleached or nuanced, but always luminous. The good idea? Adopt butterfly glasses to play on contrasts and promote a more feminine look.

Short square

Short square | What Short Haircut with Glasses After 60? Our Advices
The idea of a degraded square for a short haircut on a sexagenarian with glasses.

The short square is the hairstyle that marked the last Fashion Week. The tops never leave her and for good reason. This hairstyle instantly offers elegance and modernity to the look. His aura seduces all women. So why deprive yourself of it? We associate it with a daring pair of glasses that sets the look ablaze.

The fringe, the feminine asset of a short haircut

The fringe, the feminine asset of a short haircut | What Short Haircut with Glasses After 60? Our Advices
Diane Keaton's degraded square with fringe on the side and her black rectangular frame.

After 60 years, the fringe has serious assets. In particular that of saving a few years. Indeed, the fringe conceals the fine lines located on the top of the face and emphasizes the look. It is chosen sideways or in motion to give dynamism to the haircut. The wispy side bangs go particularly well with a curly bob or a very short haircut. It brings a domed effect of the most becoming. The side bangs are also ideal when wearing glasses. Versatile, it enhances all facial morphologies.

How to choose your glasses according to your haircut?

If the haircut is an essential element in the choice of a pair of glasses, it is above all the morphology of the face that will guide the decision. A round face will favor rectangular or butterfly shapes to lengthen the face and bring softness. Oval or butterfly frames are also suitable for triangular faces.

Oval faces are spoiled for choice, as all shapes of glasses suit them. On the haircut side, it is recommended to adapt the color of the frames to that of the hair. The idea is to find a balance between the two. But you may also want to create contrast by adopting a colorful or original frame if you have a cut that is a bit too wise or color without depth.

The black frame with short white hair: A must-have

The black frame with short white hair: A must-have | What Short Haircut with Glasses After 60? Our Advices
The short cut of Jamie Lee Curtis with a black frame.

White hair is cold hair. To enhance this shade and give it relief, the black frame is ideal. Black warms up the whole and brings contrast for a modern and feminine look. But brown, red or purple are also perfectly suitable. On the other hand, with dark or brown hair, cold tones such as intense blue and dark green are to be preferred. They magnify short and spiky cuts.

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