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Side Bangs Of The 2000S Are Trending Again


Side bangs - how do we wear the trendy hairstyle of the noughties 2022?

Prada already did it in 2020, now we are following suit! The luxury cult brand sent its models onto the catwalk with the extravagant side bangs of the 2000s, and since then the hairstyle trend has been very popular with fashion fans again. We explain what is important for the trendy cut.

Side Bangs Of The 2000s Are Trending Again
Hairstyle journey through time: The side bangs of the 2000s are celebrating their comeback.

The side bangs are back! This means extra-wide, side bangs that are cut into the otherwise long hair - a look that was already worn up and down in the 2000s and is celebrating its trend comeback in 2022. The flamboyant hairstyle draws focus to the face and eyes and looks best straight or with casual waves.

What will side bangs look like in 2022?

For side bangs to work properly, hair that is at least shoulder length is necessary, and even longer hair would be ideal. Wearers of naturally smooth lengths are in luck because the look comes into its own with them. Curly or frizzy hair is less suited to this style unless you plan on using your flat iron every day. For an accurate look, you should definitely visit a hairdresser who will cut the long bangs into your hair with a steady hand. To do this, a center parting is pulled, then the lengths are placed to the right and left of the face and the front section is frayed at the side from the cheekbones. The particularly courageous can also have the bangs cut straight down to the ear, creating a stepped edge.

What will side bangs look like in 2022? | Side Bangs Of The 2000s Are Trending Again
In 2022, side bangs can be a little less extreme than they were at the beginning of the millennium.

Maintain side bangs properly

The eye-catching hairstyle needs to be well cared for in order for it to have its full effect. As with a bob, the front tip section is particularly important, as this is constantly in focus and should by no means appear unkempt. Fly-away hair, frizz, and brittle lengths must therefore be cared for with appropriate products, such as leave-in conditioners, moisturizing creams, or nourishing oils. Shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks with avocado oil, argan oil, or keratin additionally strengthen the hair fibers and keep them healthy in the long term.

Styling the trend hairstyle

In addition to a rich and regular care routine, wearing side bangs also depends on the right styling. Depending on the condition of the hair, the mane can be straightened with a straightening iron or with a hairdryer and round brush. Alternatively, beach waves styling with side bangs is also possible. In any case, however, you should use reliable heat protection so as not to damage the hair fibers.

Hairstyles ideas with side bangs


Edgy with a sleek look

Edgy with a sleek look | Side Bangs Of The 2000s Are Trending Again
Instagram: @prada

This variant is probably the boldest version of the hairstyle trend: As with Prada, the front bangs are shortened in a straight cut below the cheekbones to the ear. In addition, straight, long hair looks best.

Short bob with side bangs

Short bob with side bangs | Side Bangs Of The 2000s Are Trending Again
Emy Venturini wears a micro bob with casual side bangs.

A short bob loses its severe character with the side bangs and is, therefore, one of the hairstyle favorites of the year! The look is ideal for anyone who likes things practical but still values modern styling.

Side bangs and '2000s updo

Side bangs and '2000s updo | Side Bangs Of The 2000s Are Trending Again
Where XXL hair clips meet side bangs, things get particularly stylish.

For a particularly stylish noughties look, simply pull the lengths together and style them into a spiky bun or a French twist. The side bangs remain untouched and casually frame the face in front, or are casually tucked undone behind the ear.

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