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Do You Want Thicker Hair? Tiktok User Amy Chang Knows Two Good Tricks


Sometimes we just have to face the truth: not all of us are blessed with a full, voluminous mane. Mother Nature has given some of the thin hair. However, hope is not completely lost: with a few good tricks we can at least ensure that the strands do not become even thinner - and sometimes even create a little more volume.

Thick hair: Tiktok user Amy Chang shows two good tricks

Thick hair: Tiktok user Amy Chang shows two good tricks | Do you want thicker hair? TikTok user Amy Chang knows two good tricks

Your hair is getting thinner and thinner and you don't know what to do anymore? This TikTok user has two super helpful tips for you.

TikTok user Amy Chang (@bondenavant) also found out and actually managed to conjure up her hair fuller and healthier. The beauty addict gives helpful tips on all aspects of skin and hair on social media. Amy also revealed (fortunately for us) which two tricks helped her get a voluminous mane...

Amy's hair looks so full (and great!) Today

Amy's hair looks so full (and great!) Today | Do you want thicker hair? TikTok user Amy Chang knows two good tricks

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According to TikTok user Amy Chang: The 2 best tricks for thicker hair


Trick 1 for thicker hair: apply conditioner to the roots

Wait a moment! We were always told to only distribute the conditioner in the tips and lengths? Amy advises, however, to apply the nourishing conditioner to the hairline as well. If it does not get enough moisture and care, this can lead to premature hair breakage and damage, which in turn thins the remaining strands.

But if you often deal with greasy hair, the idea of conditioner is probably not that brilliant. In this case, Amy recommends using a leave-in conditioner that you can apply to the roots without weighing the hair down.

Trick 2 for thicker hair: Avoid using shampoo with sodium lauryl sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate, also known as sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS, is contained in many care products - and especially in shampoos. SLS can cause massive damage to the hair by removing its natural oils, making the strands brittle and irritating the scalp. Therefore, according to Amy, we should avoid shampoos that contain the chemical.

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