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Arizona Muse: Top Model'S 5 Green Tips For A More Responsible Beauty Routine

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100% Green
More than ever in 2021, stars, fashion, and beauty brands are committed to the planet.

Model and climate activist, Arizona Muse becomes the first Sustainable Development spokesperson for the Aveda brand. The opportunity to prick her green and ecological beauty tips.

Arizona Muse: Top Model's 5 Green Tips For A More Responsible Beauty Routine

Is his face familiar to you? Normal! Arizona Muse Multiplies Fashion Collaborations Green has been the face of some of the most popular advertising campaigns in recent years. At the height of her 32 years, the model, twice a mother, already has a well-rounded career as a green activist. In 2021, she becomes the spokesperson for Aveda, an American brand of ultra-clean hair. "One of the most significant collaborations" she has ever had, she confided to us. "Because we share the same goals: the desire to make this world a better place, but also the desire to raise awareness of the climate emergency and the power of everyone to act."

Interviewed by Gala for the occasion, she detailed her hair and cleansing routine, while giving us some very useful tips to make our beauty gestures more environmentally friendly. Self-taught, she has been studying the climate crisis for several years and is in her spare time hired as an environmental consultant for fashion brands looking to make a transition for a renewable future.

1. Her zero waste beauty tips

"I switched to reusable cotton, which I find more effective and much less polluting: at the level of two disposable discs per day, imagine on the scale of a lifetime the mountain of waste that this represents! And then I do not buy any more products wrapped in plastic, I prefer glass bottles and flasks, and metal caps."

2. Its coconut oil for beautiful hair

"I'm a fan of coconut oil, great for moisturizing without greasing. I apply it as a mask on my hair once in a while. And I love the apple cider vinegar that I use as a rinse after my shampoo. Nothing like it to make the fiber shine and rebalance the pH of the scalp."

3. Her green hair care

"I'm a fan of Aveda Shampure Solid Shampoo. It avoids any plastic container, and that's the magic of the trick! When I need to untangle my lengths, I use the conditioner. leave-in Nutriplenish, still at Aveda. It is ultra-practical with its spray applicator."


4. Her favorite organic facial treatments

"I cleanse my face in the morning with Dr. Hauschka Cleansing and Cleansing Milk. I do two scrubs a week with the Active Repair Radiance Polisher from the British brand Wildsmith Skin. For hydration, I am a big fan of vegetable oils that I use. I buy in bulk. My favorite brand is called Fushi, 100% natural, organic, and Ayurveda-inspired cosmetics."

5. His advice to limit the ecological impact of our beauty treatments

“Start by finishing all of your products before throwing them away. Also, watch out for overpacks and synthetic components - for example, using apps that scan ingredients. Then, gradually try to go bulk or refillable. And for real, take a look on Instagram where you will find lots of great recipes and ideas!"

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