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5 Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out Of Style


Do you fancy a new hairstyle to which you can confidently stay true for the next few years? We'll show you five celebrities whose hairstyles will never go out of style...

Alexa Chung's Messy Long bob

Whether with bangs on her face or without Alexa Chung has made her long bob her "signature hairstyle". No wonder, the cut is wonderfully timeless and can be styled in many ways. With a little volume setting, it gets a slightly wild look - with straightening iron treatment, a noble severity, and a lot of shine.

Alexa Chung's Messy Long bob | 5 Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out Of Style
Alexa Chung's Messy Long bob.

Blake Lively's ponytail

Are ponytails boring? Blake Lively can only laugh about that. With her standard look, she can not only choose between different heights (lower, medium-deep, or very high ponytail) but also pimp the look wonderfully. In this picture, the actress prefers the completely natural way and simply twists a strand of hair over the hair tie.

Blake Lively's ponytail | 5 Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out Of Style
Blake Lively's loose ponytail.

Jennifer Lawrence's sleek look

The sleek look gives Jennifer Lawrence an exciting rigor and makes her look more adult. Thanks to the wonderfully simple styling - simply gel the hair back with a good portion of setting agent - the look is always successful and apparently never goes out of style.

Jennifer Lawrence's sleek look | 5 Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out Of Style
Jennifer Lawrence's sleek hair look.


Olivia Palermo's herringbone braid

Admittedly: Olivia Palermo's slightly wild herringbone braid takes a little practice. Once you have it on, it fits every outfit and occasion.

Olivia Palermo's herringbone braid | 5 Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out Of Style
Olivia Palermo's herringbone braid.

Olivia Wilde's half bun

The dead live longer - Dutt wearers can tell you a thing or two about that. The wonderfully simple dumpling has often been said to be out for good, but in variations - as here with Olivia Wilde as a half bun - it keeps coming back. We say the bun stays!

Olivia Wilde's half bun | 5 Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out Of Style
Olivia Wilde's half bun.

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