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Louis Vuitton Brown Is New Trend Hair Color For Spring


We're ringing in the spring season with a new hair color that's the epitome of elegance. Here you can find out everything about the hip "Louis Vuitton Brown"

Louis Vuitton Brown is New Trend Hair Color for Spring

The hair color "Louis Vuitton Brown" is the absolute color trend for spring 2022.

New season, new color trend. In line with the approaching spring, new hair color is making waves, and the name already suggests how elegant it looks. Brown hair in this tone was baptized "Louis Vuitton Brown". We'll tell you what it's all about here.

When you think of Louis Vuitton, you immediately have a very specific image in your mind. Most of us are probably familiar with the iconic brown that represents the French fashion house and adorns its designer bags. So we're getting closer to that. Because the trend color for spring, which is already taking off, is precisely this nuance. "Imagine the color of the aged leather of a Louis Vuitton handbag," celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith tries to explain. "A beautiful rich light brown, not too pale but not too heavy or dark either."

"Louis Vuitton Brown": This hair color is the color trend in spring 2022

The "Louis Vuitton Brown" and the also popular "Expensive Brunette" have something in common: Both hair colors look extremely high-quality and look very classy. However, the new trend, which is a mix of a medium-light brown with a golden toffee tone, is an even lighter and more radiant nuance, which is therefore ideal for the spring season. Warm undertones are used here that pick up on the current copper trend.

`Louis Vuitton Brown`: This hair color is the color trend in spring 2022 | Louis Vuitton Brown is New Trend Hair Color for Spring
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The hype potential of this hair color is unmistakable. Because of its medium depth, it flatters many different skin tones. So we wouldn't be surprised if we see this color trend on the streets more often from now on. Incidentally, the tone is particularly effective when the brown hair is healthy and shiny. Therefore, good care is particularly important in this case. Smith also recommends applying a Color Boosting Treatment at home after coloring to maintain the premium look of the Louis Vuitton Brown.

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