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Doing Two Shampoos When Washing Your Hair, A Good Or Bad Idea? The Opinion Of A Hairdresser


Can washing your hair twice in a row damage the hair fiber? We asked Gianni Coppa, founder of R Factory Paris salon, for his expert opinion, whether double shampooing is really recommended.

Doing Two Shampoos When Washing Your Hair, A Good Or Bad Idea? The Opinion Of A Hairdresser

No beautiful hair without a suitable care ritual. And this hair routine starts as soon as you shampoo! Whether we prefer it in liquid, powder, or solid form (see our recipe for making it at home), just one word: its formula must match the nature of our hair.

But the composition of the product is not the only element to consider. The actions performed during shampooing are also fundamental. And a question of the utmost importance remains: should you wash your hair twice when washing your hair in the shower? This is the question we asked Gianni Coppa, hairdresser and founder of R Factory Paris salon.

Washing your hair twice in a row is a good idea...

Make two shampoos to treat the hair in depth

The hair expert is categorical: the double cleansing can be done without fear on all types of fibers, which will develop new natural oils in 2 to 3 days. And while washing your hair twice in a row is recommended, it's not to get rid of even more sebum, but to take better care of it. “The first shampoo, which foams, removes excess pollution, dust, and styling products,” recalls Gianni Coppa. But the second, it will allow to deeply treatment of the hair and the scalp."

The correct method for double washing

Do not insist on the first shampoo

The first wash should be short and gentle. We focus more on the second, performed with gentle gestures. “Hair is a fragile material, massage it with delicacy! warns the hairdresser. We avoid rubbing them too much and we massage the scalp with the fingertips to develop foam. Add water if it does not foam enough. On the formula side, it is better to use silicone-free products and avoid sulfates which are rather abrasive for the scalp and hair".


Adapt your shampooing method to the hair type

"The thinner the hair, the less you will rub the scalp," warns the hairdresser. The first shampoo should be a delicate massage and the second more dynamic."

Use two different shampoos

You can, if desired, use two different products to wash your hair: the first to cleanse and the second to treat, depending on your hair type and seasonal problem.

... but not if we shampoo them every day

Do you have to wash your hair twice when shampooing it every day? No, and it's not even recommended. If the double cleansing can be done without fear at a low frequency - with delicate gestures and a gentle product - we avoid doing it on a daily basis, even when we have oily hair.

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