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Sliced Bob Is The Perfect Hairstyle Trend For Thin Hair In Winter 2023


Why does the bob stubbornly stay in the ranks of hairstyle trends in a wide variety of variations? Quite simply: it suits every woman. Whether long bob, the clavi cut, or classic chin-length - the bob hairstyle has been very popular, and not just since Kaia Gerber and Karlie Kloss.

Sliced Bob Is The Perfect Hairstyle Trend For Thin Hair In Winter 2023
The sliced bob is the new trend hairstyle for winter 2020 - and is perfect for women with thin hair (Karlie Kloss on the runway of Off-White, autumn/winter 2020/21).

Perfect for thin hair - not just in winter 2021: the sliced bob hairstyle trend

The current hairstyle trend in terms of bob? The so-called sliced bob. It promises to make thin hair look fuller and to contour facial features. And it makes you younger too.

Sliced bob is the coolest hairstyle trend in winter 2021 - and ideal for thin hair

It's a bit reminiscent of Victoria Beckham's amazing hairstyle in 2007 - but much more subtle and therefore modern and suitable for everyday use. Because the sliced bob also plays with the fact that the front section of the hair that frames the face is a touch longer than the rest of the hair. This creates a slightly asymmetrical hairstyle that is minimally layered.

Sliced Bob: Why is the hairstyle trend perfect for thin hair in winter 2021?

The advantage: thin hair is given more volume thanks to the easy layers. The styling options for the trend hairstyle are also diverse and, depending on the basic length of the bob, super easy. For example, the hair can be blow-dried inwards and roughened with texturizing spray - for a casual undone look. And even light waves look particularly natural with the mini-steps.

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