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Gray Hair: Most Common Causes And Best Care Tips


You have discovered the first gray hairs on your head and are wondering whether your age is really the reason for this? We clarify and reveal the most common causes and best care tips for gray hair.

Gray hair: Most common causes and best care tips

For many, gray hair is only great if they have chosen it themselves and dyed their natural hair a trendy, ashy shade of gray. It looks completely different when the first gray hairs make themselves felt and don't want to disappear again.

Our age is not always the reason for hair turning gray. Certain illnesses, stress or a lack of nutrients can also be behind it. We clarify and reveal the most common causes of gray hair and the best care and styling tips.

Why does the hair turn gray?

Our hair is very similar to our skin. While our skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles with advancing age, our mane has to lose the color pigment melanin and appears gray. There are two different types of melanin: eumelanin, which is responsible for the coloring of brown and black hair, and pheomelanin, which gives light-blonde, blonde and red-haired people their hair color.

In order for our body to produce melanin, it needs enough of the amino acid tyrosine. However, as we age, our skin cells and hair roots produce less and less tyrosine. As a result, the melanin stays out over time, which causes our hair to lose its color pigments and appear gray or white.

Where does the hair turn gray first?

The first gray hairs are often noticeable on the temples - and in men on the beard. In these areas, the hair usually falls out more quickly or is shortened by regular shaving, so that new hair can grow back more quickly and the change in the lost hair color can be revealed.

Gray hair: these are the most common causes

Even if you absolutely don't want to hear it at the moment: But from around the mid-30s, it is completely normal to find one or the other gray or white hair on your head. Even at the age of 30, first gray hairs are not uncommon.

However, a graying mane does not always have to be related to age. Stress, for example at work or private problems, can also turn our hair gray early on. A mineral deficiency, too much alcohol, and nicotine can also be the cause of gray hair. In addition, there are certain diseases that can disrupt pigment production. If you are unsure or already struggle with gray hair in your twenties, it is best to arrange a check-up with your family doctor.

Gray hair: these are the most common causes | Gray hair: Most common causes and best care tips


Caring for gray hair: This ensures shine and suppleness

The good news: The myth that gray hair is drier and more brittle than colored hair has absolutely nothing to do with it. The hair structure remains the same, which is why gray hair can appear just as well-groomed and shiny as dark, blonde, or red hair.

Tip 1: Hair masks with keratin

The fact that our mane can become a bit drier and thinner with advancing age has nothing to do with hair color. The reason for this is that over time our bodies produce less keratin - the main component of our hair. That's why our tip # 1 is: treat your hair to a keratin hair mask on a regular basis. It strengthens your mane and keeps the hair surface nice and supple. It also prevents frizz and strawy tips. A nourishing hair mask with keratin, which is supposed to strengthen the hair and make it shine, is available from Wella, for example.

Tip 2: Silver shampoo against yellowing

So that your gray hair looks super fresh and well-groomed, you should get a shampoo that prevents an unsightly yellow tinge. Silver shampoos are perfect especially for cool blonde and gray tones. Important: Do not use the purple shampoo too often so that your hair does not get a bluish tinge. We recommend that you only use it every second or third hair wash.

Tip 2: Silver shampoo against yellowing | Gray hair: Most common causes and best care tips

Tip # 3: Cut the tips of your hair regularly

Gray hair only looks good on short hairstyles? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! A shoulder-length mane or a trendy long bong can also look great in gray. It only depends on the ends of the hair: if they are dry and frayed, the entire hairstyle quickly looks a little unkempt and the hair looks broken and unhealthy. Therefore: let the tips cut regularly. This not only prevents hair breakage but also ensures a fresh and well-groomed look overall.

Could you use some hairstyle inspiration? Then click here through our album with the most beautiful cuts and styles for gray hair!



Dyeing gray hair: what to look out for

You just don't feel comfortable with gray hair? Then you can of course have your hair colored by the hairdresser or use the intensive tint from the drugstore.

If you want to color your hair yourself, you should make sure to choose a product that also covers gray hair. Corresponding information can be found on the packaging of the hair dye. It is also advisable to test the color beforehand on an inconspicuous area on the hair, as gray hair often takes on the color differently than a natural shade of hair that has already been colored.

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