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No, The Perm Is Not Out Of Date And Here Is The Proof!


Beauty, like fashion, is an eternal restart and the big comeback of the curly perm is the perfect illustration!

After having long been adored in the 80s - a period in which it established itself as the flagship hairstyle par excellence - the curly perm has since been accused of out of fashion, even out of date. However, in recent months, this hairstyle is talking about it again... And for good! A surprise, so much the dictates of beauty have long imposed straight hair as the trend to adopt, whatever their initial nature. It was high time that this stopped!

No, the perm is not out of date and here is the proof!

So, even if naturalness is the rule today, we understand that smooth hair also wants a change! This is why - at a time when curly, frizzy, and frizzy hair finally and more and more unveils its natural beauty - smoother hair likes to adorn itself with movements, volume, waves, even curls when that is possible! And while there are many techniques to achieve such a result - with or without heat, some still regret the fact that these effects only last a while in their hair...
Fortunately, the curly perm is the perfect solution!

This is why many celebrities have already succumbed to it, such as Selena Gomez or Camélia Jordana. Quite recently, we even believed that Caroline Receveur had also taken the plunge. Indeed, on her Instagram account, and for the very first time, we saw her appear with more textured hair than ever! If the influencer - whose hair is rather smooth - had accustomed her followers to wavy styles, she was able to surprise them with this curly hairstyle. In the comments, the compliments kept pouring in... Proof that the perm is once again having some success!

No, the perm is not out of date and here is the proof!
No, the perm is not out of date and here is the proof!
Instagram: @carolinereceveur

However, in an Instagram story, Caroline Receveur returned to this beauty treatment that had aroused so many reactions in order to restore the truth: her hairstyle was in fact not the result of a perm, but was done using '' a heating device, which we imagine of this type:

9mm Ceramic Curling Iron - Kipozi

No, the perm is not out of date and here is the proof!

If she keeps her hair straight, she confirms all the same that her beauty was directly inspired by the '80s and the hairstyle her mother wore. Faced with such a craze, the trend of the curly perm seems well and truly confirmed! And you, you validate?

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