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Is Perm For Beach Waves Seriously The New Hairstyle Trend In Summer 2023?


Anyone who hears perms usually thinks of small towers of curls that have nothing in common with a natural wave. Now the hairstyle from the 80s is getting a modern update and could literally become a permanent hairstyle trend in summer 2021. Because if you want natural waves, you can now opt for a perm for beach waves.

Is Perm For Beach Waves Seriously The New Hairstyle Trend In Summer 2023?
The perm gets a modern update: As Beach Waves, the styling of the 80s will become a hairstyle trend in summer 2021 (Alice + Olivia, Spring / Summer 2018).

In the summer of 2021, the perm is back: As beach waves, technology is becoming a hairstyle trend

Beach waves have been a hairstyle trend for years: especially in summer, the light waves become a symbol of relaxed days by the sea and awaken the feeling of freedom, sun on the skin, and a good mood. Styling beach waves anew every morning, however, involves work - this is where perm comes into play. After all, the hairstyle trend lasts longer and you can enjoy summer 2021 so carefree without spending long in the bathroom.

How does the perm work for beach waves?

The principle of perm has not changed much since the 1980s, but the technology will be a new one in summer 2021. Because it has now become much gentler. However, the condition for this is that the structure of the hair is suitable for the technique so that the hairstyle trend really lasts. To do this, the hairdresser determines the individual direction of hair growth in advance. Where is the parting and how does the hair fall? And how does the hair twist? Only if the Beach Waves are later wound in the same direction will the hair look natural and last longer. In addition, this creates a natural transition from the permanent wave to regrowing straight hair.

As with all treatments, you should then rely on the right care in order to maintain the hairstyle trend for a long time and to achieve healthy, shiny hair. Since the reshaping by the perm can quickly make the hair look dull, regular cures and nourishing care such as a hair oil are mandatory. When drying with a hairdryer, you should use a diffuser so that the heat is evenly distributed in the hair - with beach waves with perm you should first dry the tips and lengths and then the roots.

How does the perm work for beach waves? | Is Perm For Beach Waves Seriously The New Hairstyle Trend In Summer 2023?
How does the perm work for beach waves? | Is Perm For Beach Waves Seriously The New Hairstyle Trend In Summer 2023?
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Beach waves as a perm: For which hair is the hairstyle trend in summer 2021 suitable?

The permanent wave still works with a chemical solution that loosens the links of the hair - so they then take on any desired shape. In order for the permanent wave to lead to the desired beach waves, the hair structure must be uniform over the entire head. Ideally, the hair is untreated and healthy. But even hair that is uniformly dark in color or tinted is suitable for perming. It only looks bad for hair that has been bleached or dyed lighter: This treatment has already significantly changed the structure of the hair. Highlights are particularly difficult because then the hair has two completely different structures. A uniform result of the Beach Waves through a permanent wave is unfortunately unpredictable. For everyone else, this technique could become the easiest hairstyle trend in summer 2021 that really will last.

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