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Digital Perm: The New Type Of Perm Is So Stylish


In the 1980s, this trend hairstyle left almost no woman unscathed: the perm. Tiny little curls and impressive volume were all the rage back then. Fake curls are now celebrating their big comeback. But instead of the "exploded poodle" model, this time there are natural, permanent beach waves. This is how you wear the so-called Digital Perm!

Digital Perm: The New Type of Perm is So Stylish

While some women are naturally gifted with gorgeous curls, many want some bounce in their straight hair. But who wants to style their hair anew every day? Quite apart from the daily heat stress for the hair. The new Digital Perm offers the perfect solution.

This is how the digital perm works

This is how the digital perm works | Digital Perm: The New Type of Perm is So Stylish
Instagram: @g_chairstudio

The modern form of the perm, which has been hyped for years in Asian countries, in particular, involves treating the hair with a special solution and heat. The name Digital Perm comes from the device that heats the individual parts differently. The lengths are wrapped on heat-resistant plastic curlers. The solution then ensures that the sulfur bridges in the hair dissolve. The curlers shape the hair and then fix it again in a further step. The procedure takes about four hours in total. The result: naturally wavy lengths that evoke a real holiday feeling. The costs for the forming depend on the effort involved and start at around 70 USD.

Difference to the conventional cold wave

While you don't even realize it's a perm with the digital perm, the result of the traditional cold wave couldn't be more distinctive. Unlike the modern version, the hair is not reshaped with heat, but with various chemicals. The advantage: the volume. While the approach is also curled with the cold perm, this is not possible with the digital perm due to the heat. But honestly, who wants to look like Baby from Dirty Dancing these days? In addition, the waves of the Digital Perm are particularly effective when dry. They almost completely disappear in wet hair. The cold wave is completely different. The curls only really come out with a lot of moisture. In the dry state, unsightly frizz often appears.

This is how the digital perm works | Digital Perm: The New Type of Perm is So Stylish
Instagram: @hairshaftmikeover

How long does the digital perm last?

The result of the digital perm lasts about a year. The following applies: the lighter the waves, the faster they disappear from the hair. The more pronounced the curls, the longer they last. But even with stronger curls, the effect fades over time. The structure becomes less as the waves slowly hang out. That is why proper care is extremely important. First, you should switch your shampoo and conditioner to products made for curly hair. In addition, you should do everything you can to ensure that your hair is supplied with sufficient moisture at all times. In addition to a moisturizing spray, you will also find great hair masks. Leave on once or twice a week and your newfound curls will gain bounce. You should also air-dry your hair as often as possible and keep your fingers away from straighteners.

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