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10 Hair Tricks You Will Never Forget


Sure, the best hair experts have pretty good tricks up their sleeves. They shared their best styling and care tips with us. Bet you will never forget them again?

10 Hair Tricks You Will Never Forget
Psssst ... we'll tell you the best hair tricks from a professional...

The cold makes the hairstyle more durable

You have probably already seen this at your hairdresser's: when he blow-dries the hair with the round brush, he leaves each strand that has already dried rolled up until it has cooled down - so it stays in great shape. Alternatively, switch to the cold air setting of the hairdryer for five to ten seconds. (Manfred Kraft, hairdresser)

Millet strengthens the hair from the inside

Brown millet flakes are rich in silicic acid Silicea. Add two to three spoons of it to the muesli every day to strengthen the hair from the inside. You will notice the difference. (Andrea Hecker, hairstylist & colorist)

Kleenex is a great hair tamer

Simply spray some hairspray on a Kleenex and brush it over the protruding hair! This is how you get rid of flyaway hair without ruining the blown hairstyle and volume. (Cristoph Gambeck, make-up artist & stylist)

Salt brings more volume

Fine hair that shouldn't look too good is given great volume and structure by a styling spray with saltwater. (Verena Lederer, former beauty editor friend)


Damp hair shows the way

After washing your hair, you should comb your hair straight away into the desired shape. Once they have dried on, it is very difficult to give them a different direction later. (Manfred Kraft, hairdresser)

Comb hair before washing

Wet hair is mimosa. That's why I comb them before washing. And then only with a wide-toothed comb, starting from the tips up to the base. (Monika Rose, former beauty department manager friend)

The silver shampoo also optimizes brown hair

Silver shampoo is intended for blonde hair - but it also reduces the yellow or green cast in dark manes. After a few washes with the neutralizing shampoo, they too appear more radiant. (Armin Morbach, hair stylist)

Herbal oil pimps shampoo

Rosemary oil not only tastes good, but it also ensures that the scalp is well supplied with blood: A few drops in the shampoo keep skin and hair healthy. (Andrea Hecker, hairstylist & colorist)

Oil cares for dry scalps

When my scalp is very dry again, I drip some body oil or argan oil on it part by part and massage it in briefly. This works overnight (a towel over the pillow prevents stains) and is washed out the next morning with a mild shampoo. (Renate Kuhlbrodt, former beauty department manager friend)

Urea works on dandruff

For dry dandruff, which is caused by bleaching the hair, a shampoo with urea helps me better than conventional dandruff specialists, because it supplies the dry hair with moisture. (Renate Kuhlbrodt, former beauty department manager friend)

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