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Hairstyle Trend: Choppy Bangs Look So Cool!


Curtain bangs have been trend-setting long enough. Time for something new. How about some choppy bangs? With this hairstyle trend, the name says it all: "Choppy" is derived from English and means something like "chopped off". This is exactly what the pony tips look like: They are cut very short and fringed.

Choppy bangs are the new curtain bangs! The hairstyle trend is so cool

Sounds like a cut pony from elementary school? But it is not. This hairstyle trend is awesome!

Choppy bangs: who is the hairstyle trend?

Choppy bangs: who is the hairstyle trend? | Hairstyle trend: Choppy bangs look so cool!
Actress Saoirse Ronan wears choppy bangs...

Choppy bangs: who is the hairstyle trend? | Hairstyle trend: Choppy bangs look so cool!
So stylish: Vanessa Hudgens with choppy bangs for a bob...

Good news: Choppy bangs suit every hair length and structure. With thick hair, you just have to be careful to thin out the fringes enough so that they don't lie too heavily on the forehead. Tip: Round faces are optically stretched by the short bangs.

At first glance, the choppy bangs may take a bit of getting used to, but that's certainly only because we are currently surrounded by loud curtain bangs. But if one star after the next misses the hairstyle trend (Saoirse Ronan and Vanessa Hudgens have already shown it), will you want to have your forehead fringe trimmed too, bet?

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