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These 5 Yoga Positions Increase Well-Being And Are A Mood Booster


Had a bad day? These exercises will help you to (re) find your emotional balance and improve your mood.

There are certain (simple) yoga positions that can make a bad day better in the blink of an eye. Followers: Those within this discipline say it is the best pain reliever for headaches, the best workout for strengthening the stomach, and the best therapy for coping with stress and anxiety. But if we focus solely on its mood-enhancing effects, we have some more good news. There are studies that confirm that people who practice yoga sleep more and better - it takes them 10 minutes less to fall asleep and sleeps around an hour more each night -; they are more focused on their work and in a better mood. In fact, there are already studies advocating yoga as an addition to therapies for treating depression. And no, you don't have to be a skilled yogi to benefit from his ability to balance emotions and feelings.

These 5 Yoga Positions Increase Well-being And Are A Mood Booster

Jordi Canela, co-founder of the YogaOneonline platform - a virtual room with yoga classes and meditations, adapted to all levels - has prepared a series of 5 simple postures for Vogue for those days when we want to improve our mood. "The central idea of this series is that doing the basic exercises of these asanas can strengthen us and increase our well-being when we are in a low mood. We shouldn't go to extremes, up and down and down and up. We have to find balance "explains the expert, who insists that yoga can help us connect body, mind, and energy (or spirit).

Vrikshasana (the tree)

Vrikshasana (the tree) | These 5 Yoga Positions Increase Well-being And Are A Mood Booster
This position helps to let go of emotions and to unfold the soul.

This posture is perfect for balance on all levels. "Holding on to one foot creates an imbalance and the need to adjust to maintain balance, which in turn leads us to be present. As the hips open, it is easier to let go of emotions and develop the soul. The posture of the tree stands for earthly realization, we are rooted in the earth, we develop and transform ourselves, "explains the expert.

Here's how it's done: root your feet on the floor, bend one knee to reach the opposite foot, and then walk up to the opposite inner thigh to create an opening in the hip with the knee bent, with the foot supported over the opposite knee. Keep your balance by aligning your hips and activating your core. Bring your hands in prayer positions. You can raise them above your head or hold them at chest level if you want. Hold this position for a minute and repeat with the other leg.

Trikonasana (the triangle)

Trikonasana (the triangle) | These 5 Yoga Positions Increase Well-being And Are A Mood Booster
In this position, we form a unity between the individual and the universe.

As Jordi Canela explains, "This yoga position represents oneness. Rooted in the earth, we raise our arms to heaven (we connect heaven and earth) to represent the union between the individual and the universal. This posture affects the Stability, the strength in the legs, the opening of the hips and, above all, the lengthening of the central canal thanks to the lateral extension of the body ".

This is how it's done: While standing, take a large step to the side with your right leg so that the legs are wide apart. Rotate your right foot so the toes are pointing outward and keep your left foot in front. Open your arms in the lower back and lean to the right, keeping your arms in the cross position, then lower yourself and support your right arm on your right leg. Keep your head up. After a few breaths in this pose, repeat the sequence on the opposite side.

Bhujangasana (the cobra)

Bhujangasana (the cobra) | These 5 Yoga Positions Increase Well-being And Are A Mood Booster
In this position, our back is activated and the entire front of our body is stretched.

"This asana stretches the entire front of the body while the entire back is contracted and activated. It gives the front of the body flexibility and strength, strengthens the arms, and also allows the neck area to be strengthened. It has the component of developing wisdom," explains the expert.

Here's how it's done: Lie on your stomach with your legs straight and your feet together. Place your hands under your shoulders on either side of your body, with your palms flat on the floor. Raise your head and chest, keeping your arms slightly bent. While holding this pose for several breaths, your elbows should be close to your body and your pelvis should be on the floor. You can look straight ahead or you can gently tilt your head backward.


Paschimottanasana (the forceps)

Paschimottanasana (the forceps) | These 5 Yoga Positions Increase Well-being And Are A Mood Booster
By holding the tongs we feel internalization in us.

"The pincer position promotes flexibility and openness of the entire back of the body and activates and contracts the front. It also strengthens the core and the hips. It is a posture of reflection and internalization that makes it possible not to need external things, but inner fullness in order to then share this abundance outwards. Since the cobra pose helps us to see the essence in everything outside and the forceps is the internalization, both are balanced, "explains Canela.

Here's how it's done: Sit on the floor with your legs stretched forward, straighten your upper body and lean gently forward without arching your back. Hold this position for one to three minutes.

Ardha Matsyendrasana (The Twist)

Ardha Matsyendrasana (The Twist) | These 5 Yoga Positions Increase Well-being And Are A Mood Booster
The rotation gives our spine flexibility.

Jordi Canela advises ending this sequence of yoga positions with a twist, "to give flexibility to the spine and cleanse the internal organs. It is the awareness of being able to contemplate the past consciously, to free oneself and into the future project".

Here's how to do it: Sit with your legs straight and your back straight, and bend your right leg, trying to bring it toward your left hip and moving your foot over the opposite leg. Rotate by placing your right elbow over your left knee and bringing your left hand behind your back. Straighten your back. Hold this position for a few breaths and repeat on the opposite side.

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