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High Ponytail: Our Tutorial For An Impeccable Hairstyle


Also called a ponytail, the ponytail is a practical and easy hairstyle that doesn't lack in style. Especially when it is worn in a high tail which highlights the port of the head. Discover our tutorial on how to reproduce it and our tips for displaying an impeccable high ponytail!

High ponytail: Our tutorial for an impeccable hairstyle

The high ponytail is one of the most popular hairstyles for people with long hair because it allows you to discipline the hair with ease but also knows how to reinvent itself according to trends and desires. It can be worn tied halfway up the back of the head or in a very high ponytail that sits on top of the head.

Unlike the classic ponytail or the low ponytail, this high perched version of the tie then has the advantage of making us taller by giving the illusion of being a few inches taller and lengthening the silhouette. She can play it chic and serious when the hair is pulled back perfectly to flaunt a high-slung ponytail, or more sexy and casual if worn tousled or with curling-iron wavy lengths.

It also has the advantage of being suitable for all types of hair (thick or thin, curly or straight) as long as you have medium-length hair because this high tie requires a certain length of hair. As elegant as you want, the high ponytail emphasizes the face and the port of the head so much that it makes almost all the stars crack, from Jennifer Lopez to the crowned head of Kate Middleton, who rely on her look sometimes chic and sometimes casual to sublimate their style. Ariana Grande, meanwhile, has made her high XXL tail her trademark.

No wonder, then, that it can be found in all types of hair as an express attachment or a more sophisticated hairstyle depending on the occasion. Are you ready to adopt it? Discover our tips for doing it in just a few bungee tricks!

Our tutorial to make you a perfect high ponytail

To get the perfect base for shaping your ponytail, it is helpful to straighten your hair using a straightener. Hair that is not perfectly smooth naturally presents more risk of making bumps when you bring your hair back and the hairstyle result may also be less clear than a ponytail carried out on fine hair. smooth. Smoothing the clip beforehand, therefore, allows you to ignore your hair type by taming frizz and disciplining rebellious or wavy lengths to make styling easier. Rest assured, for each strand, it only takes a few passes between the plates of a hair straightener to create the perfect hair texture for your high ponytail.

The ideal device for this? The Dyson Corrale ™ straightener

Our tutorial to make you a perfect high ponytail | High ponytail: Our tutorial for an impeccable hairstyle

Thanks to its flexible plates that perfectly hug and gather your strands for easy styling, the Dyson Corrale ™ straightener perfectly smoothes your hair without the need for excessive heat. A flaw that some other devices have and which tends to sensitize the fibers. At Dyson, the copper and manganese alloy of the plates and the temperature control, which regulates the temperature 100 times per second, allow less dependence on heat, and achieve fewer passes on each wick, for half the time. damage*. With three temperature settings, it guarantees perfect results on all hair types and lengths.

Cordless, it is a practical straightener that offers great freedom of movement and offers up to thirty minutes of battery life ** after recharging, enough time to straighten all your hair. And if you forget to turn it off before moving on to your ponytail, know that it will automatically turn off after ten minutes of non-use. A handy feature for busy mornings!

*Thermal damage measured by hair resistance when creating an equivalent hairstyle. Tested with soft plates and rigid plates.
**The exact usage time depends on your hair and styling habits.

Start by placing your hand on the top of your head and sliding it back to pull your hair back while catching the loose strands at the edge of the face, to perfectly straighten the hair on the top. Then use both hands to hold your hair together while pulling all of your hair up towards the top of the head in a high tail. This first step allows you to preview your tail, but don't use your rubber band right away.

Then take a brush and straighten the hair on the top of the hairstyle, the sides, and the back of your head (passing under the ponytail) in order to properly flatten your hair on your head and obtain an even cleaner result. . Once your hair is pulled back, take the elastic and secure your hair with it.

It is then possible to camouflage the accessory with a section of hair taken in the lengths of the tail, which you will wind over the clip before fixing it with a flat pin or a clip bar. that you place discreetly under the base of the tail. Another option: bet on a very fashionable scrunchie, in a printed fabric to perfect your look while hiding the more practical elastic.

If you still have flyaways, especially on the edge of the face, use styling products to set them in place. For example, a soft-hold hairspray will perfect your hairstyle without losing its naturalness.

Want to make yourself a high ponytail with bangs? Start by clearly delineating the hair portion of the bangs to isolate it before proceeding in the same way and pulling your hair back. You will also need to style your bangs once the tie is done to wear a pretty hairstyle.

Our advice for healthy hair: avoid making your ponytail on wet hair, because the elastic that tightens the lengths between them could break the hair fiber weakened by humidity. In addition, the lengths would tend to tangle more and this would form delicate knots to remove at the end of the day. Wait until your hair is dry or blow-dry it before adopting this tie.

How to make a beautiful ponytail without a bump? Our tips

How to make a beautiful ponytail without a bump? Our tips | High ponytail: Our tutorial for an impeccable hairstyle

When you tie your hair very high and pull it back in this way, it happens that some poorly smoothed locks form bumps on the top, sides, or even at the back of the head which spoils all the tie-up work. So that no hair comes up against your hairstyles by curling on the part that should normally be flat on the skull, always make sure to untangle your lengths before styling your hair because the knots left in the hair can create just this kind of unsightly bumps...

If your hair is straight, a boar bristle brush, a natural material that reveals smoothing properties, is ideal for helping you get rid of the slightest bump during styling.

If your hair is naturally curly, on the other hand, this may not be enough. It is then useful to straighten your lengths from roots to ends with a styling device beforehand to be able to obtain a high ponytail well placed on your scalp. Otherwise, you might show some bumps caused by your curls. Once the latter are well smoothed, to avoid seeing new frizz forming with the humidity, you can also apply a little fixing gel on the top of your head with the flat of your hand. Thus, you will perfectly flatter the hair on your scalp.

Advice that remains valid for all types of cues, including a low cue.

How to make a very high ponytail?

If you want to wear your ponytail very high on your head, you should already make sure to move the base of the tail as high as possible on your head when you tie your lengths. But there are also a few tips to make your tie-up look even higher. One is to do your hairstyle on clean hair from the day before, not on hair that has just been refreshed with shampoo. This is because when freshly washed, strands slide more easily and the clip will tend to sag more quickly during the day or evening. You will see, this is one detail that makes the difference. You can also backcomb the top of the tail to give it a little more height with a few combs that bring the hair back to the roots to give it more texture and volume. Sometimes this small gesture is enough to make the high ponytail feel like it has gained height.

To be sure to keep a very high ponytail, you can also entrust the job to the accessories and insert, at the end of the styling, two flat pins under the base of the tail by sliding them from top to bottom, parallel and in wedging the elastic which is used to tie the hair, so that the base of the tail rests on it and thus takes a little height.

Finally, if you have fine hair and its lack of hold plays tricks on your high tail, always prep your hair by giving it a bit of body in the roots with a styling powder or a pshitt of dry shampoo before tying it back. .


How to make a high ponytail with short hair?

We mentioned it earlier, the high ponytail is only possible from a certain length of hair because, with square hair, you will only have ends that stick out at the level of attaches it to the very top of your head. But short hair can still be adopted as long as you resort to the installation of hair extensions or the implementation of a ponytail hairpiece. These accessories are tricks that will allow you to flaunt a high ponytail worthy of the name despite your short hair. It's up to you if you prefer to cheat with a synthetic hair extension or natural hair extensions to tie your new high ponytail lengths, or if you prefer to adopt a hairpiece to be fixed around your mini tail using a clip or integrated comb for illusion.

How to make a beautiful messy high ponytail?

To give a pretty messy look to your high-top tie, consider texturing your hair first before you tie it up. To do this, you can for example spray a saltwater spray on your lengths to create a charming wavy effect. Ideally, prefer products of this type to the curling iron, which will offer sharper movement in the hair and therefore a less messy effect.

If you have naturally curly hair, then take the opportunity to keep it looking and avoid over-defining your curls with your care products before styling.

You then have to adapt the next step of making the high tail to this new hair texture. In short, it is important to bring the hair back without undoing the styling done and therefore without straightening the hair when it is time to tie it up. To achieve this, abandon the brush and content yourself with your ten fingers to roughly unite your lengths on the top of your head. The idea is not to have no bumps but to make the hairstyle less strict and bring more volume to your high ponytail.

All you have to do is give free rein to a few crazy strands around the edges of your face or bring out a little more a few strands here and there to complete it all and here you are with a messy version of the high tail of any beauty!

What accessories to pimp a high ponytail?

The only risk in opting for this practical and versatile hairstyle is that it looks like all the others. Fortunately, a simple trendy accessory can be enough to modernize and personalize this classic clip. 90's-style scrunchie, multiple elastics distributed over the length to create a bubble ponytail, hair cuff that traps the base of the tail in a metallic circle like a jewel, XXL pearl clip to clip on one side of the hairstyle, or still a scarf twisted at the base of the attachment and which extends into the lengths of the tail: each person can find an accessory to appropriate this essential beauty look without wearing the same hairstyle as the neighbor!

Are you lacking the inspiration to give more style to your tie? Stock up on ideas on Pinterest, which is full of examples of trending tails. Select a photo that you like then use our ponytail tutorial to reproduce the hairstyle before decorating it with some accessories.

Turn your high ponytail into a bun: the tutorial

The high ponytail has more than one turn between its locks. It can also very easily be transformed into an ultra-chic bun using an elastic band. A godsend for going from a practical daytime look at the office to a stylish evening tie. Want to give it a try? Gently twist the lengths of your high tail on themselves before curling them at its base to form a small, high-perched round bun. Tie with a rubber band and you're good to go.

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