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Lily James Has A New Hair Color And It'S Perfect Mix Of Brown And Black


Lily James has experimented with her hair at times in the past. Now she has a new hairstyle, which you can see here...

Lily James Has A New Hair Color and It's Perfect Mix of Brown and Black

Lily James has a different hair color and opts for a dark brown

Spring is actually the perfect time to freshen up your hair color, to make it a little lighter. However, Lily James did it the other way around. After a small type change, the actress is now wearing a very dark brown - and she looks really stunning with it.

We know Lily James with blonde hair, but also with many other shades. In recent years and months, the Hollywood star has repeatedly opted for a new hairstyle, including various brunette versions. Sometimes with balayage and a touch of copper, sometimes with lighter highlights as if kissed by the sun. Most recently, the actress showed up in the trendy "Expensive Brunette", one of the most beautiful hairstyle trends in spring 2022.

New Hair Color: Lily James now wears a dark brown

It is unclear whether Lily James just wanted a change or whether she is already preparing for a new role. What is certain is that the hair color of the actress has darkened by a few tones. Fans were able to find out thanks to Kelsey Deenihan Fisher. The celebrity makeup artist shared a photo of her famous client on Instagram, with the latter sporting a glossy espresso shade. It is unknown who conjured up the dark brown for Lily James.

New Hair Color: Lily James now wears a dark brown | Lily James Has A New Hair Color and It's Perfect Mix of Brown and Black
Instagram: @kdeenihan

The mixture of brown and black: This is what defines the hair color

The actress' new hair color is an exciting mix, blurring the boundaries between brown and black. This makes the look particularly elegant and sensual. This doesn't just suit Lily James. The noble nuance is very flattering and suits different skin types. Depending on your preference, you can work with warm or cool undertones to find the right individual variant for you. So it pays to try out the hair color to find the right mix for you. If you are unsure, you should seek advice from your hairdresser: your trusted hairdresser.

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