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Always Tired? 6 Tips For Looking Awake

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Blemished sallow skin, dark circles under small eyes: a look in the mirror shows how we are feeling right now, namely tired. After a pandemic for over a year, many people are exhausted. Of course, no cream in the world can help against the psychological stress that many are currently suffering from, as studies, for example from the Charité, show. The good news: You can do a lot against a tired appearance. Because if we feel good in our skin, it gives a little more energy for the daily madness.

Always Tired? 6 Tips For Looking Awake
Are you tired all the time? Then you are in good company. A few things bring you more energy again.

Look awake: 6 tips that will make you look less tired

1. Sleep early and fast

It is not always up to us when we go to bed. You might be working with a team in a different time zone or having young children to look after. Nevertheless, try to be in bed as early as 10 p.m. whenever possible. If the body does not get enough sleep, inflammation is not inhibited. During sleep, the skin repairs itself, cells are renewed and collagen is produced. If we sleep enough, the stress hormone cortisol is reduced, which promotes inflammation in the skin and makes it slack. Jana Pákozdi, psychological advisor and owner of the Haut & Sein cosmetic studio in Berlin, recommends intermittent fasting. If you don't eat anything for twelve to 16 hours after dinner, the quality of sleep improves and you will soon see positive effects on the skin, according to the expert.

2. Write down to-do's

Recently, the term mental load has gone viral. In addition to the workload, women (mostly women) carry a completely different burden with them: doctor's appointments for the children have to be attended, homeschooling needs to be organized, a bouquet of flowers for the sick mother-in-law, shopping, and so on. All of this adds up to a huge mountain of to-do's that don't let us sleep at night. It can help to get an overview of all the tasks that need to be done before bed. Even if it sounds trivial: if you have a better overview, you can usually sleep better.

3. Remove make-up

Less makeup has been sold since the start of the pandemic. Why put on make-up if you only leave the house to go shopping in the supermarket anyway. The temptation is great to just wash your face with water in the evening, after all, you have no make-up on. A fallacy. Even in your own four walls, there are dirt particles in the air that are deposited on the skin. So in the evening, cleanse your skin as thoroughly as if you were wearing make-up and use it to prepare it for the night care routine.


4. Take care of your skin

Good night care is recommended after cleaning. Products with the ingredients retinol (vitamin A) and glycolic acid are said to be particularly effective. Retinol helps to counteract the formation of wrinkles and ensures an even complexion. Glycolic acid is a fruit acid and is said to make the skin finer and rosier.

The fine skin around the eyes is also happy to receive a dose of care. If the eye area is not supplied with moisture, we automatically appear tired and exhausted. Jana Pákozdi recommends the "Rose Diamond Eye Cream" from the London company The Organic Pharmacy.

5. Fill up the nutrient reservoir

Rely on a wholesome diet and try to consume little processed foods. The energy boosters include:

Unfortunately, some of the foods that you like to use when you feel tired are energy thieves. Those who are constantly tired can try consuming less of the following foods:

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a full diet. But if you rely on preparations with an appropriate dosage (this is usually the case in Germany), they can supplement an already healthy diet. Laura Flemming, a certified nutritionist and founder of L-Complex, recommends magnesium to regenerate the electrolyte and energy balance. The mineral helps against indolence. Vitamin C from Camu Camu extract, reveals the expert, also relieves tiredness and fatigue.

6. Stimulate the depths of the skin

Acne and spots make your skin look restless, which can make you look exhausted. Skin expert Jana Pákozdi is a great advocate of ultrasound treatments, which she also offers in her studio. At 50, her skin is better than at 35, she says. The sound waves penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, relax and stimulate collagen and elastin production. Small wrinkles can be smoothed and you look rejuvenated afterward. In addition, Pákozdi recommends classic rose quartz facial massage rollers. The beauty tool has a decongestant effect on the lymphatic system and inhibits inflammation. Also important before going to bed: manually open the lymphatic system! To do this, spread the skin on the neck and neck with light pressure from the bulge below the ear to the shoulder. According to the expert, it is a good sign when you have to swallow. Because then the lymph is in motion and toxins are removed. Incidentally, such a massage is also forgiving of an evening glass of wine. At the end of the day, it's all about finding the right balance.

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