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Shiny Hair: 8 Best Tips And Products For Beautiful Hair


A quick grip on the highlighter is enough for a beautiful glow on your face. If, on the other hand, we want to make our hair shine, the whole thing looks a bit more complicated: Styling tools, aggressive shampoos, and a sea of different ingredients make it difficult to maintain the natural shine of the hair. In the worst case, the wrong hair care can even lead to the opposite: The hair becomes brittle, loses its shimmer, and breaks off.

Shine bright! These are the 8 best tips for shiny hair

Shine bright! These are the 8 best tips for shiny hair | Shiny Hair: 8 Best Tips And Products For Beautiful Hair
From shampoo to care: this is how we make our hair shine (Kaia Gerber at Alberta Ferretti, Spring/Summer 2020)

Since the health of the hair depends on various factors, a lot must be considered in the beauty routine. But with a few simple tips and the right care, damaged strands can be transformed into a shiny hair.

How to get shiny hair? The 8 best tips

From shampoo and UV protection to a healthy diet: silky, shiny hair needs care and attention. Here are the most important tips and the best products for irresistible shine.

1. The right shampoo for shiny hair

For a natural, healthy glow, it is essential to wash your hair properly. Special gloss shampoos provide it with moisture and give it the care it needs. Ingredients rich in nutrients include vegetable oils, vitamins, and proteins. On the other hand, alcohols and synthetic fragrances and dyes remove moisture from the hair and make it look flat and dull.

Basically, you should always use a shampoo that suits your own hair structure and protects the cuticle and scalp. A look at the relevant information (such as "for dry hair") will help you choose.

Tip: Natural cosmetics are good, but not necessarily better than conventional shampoo. Essential oils in particular remove moisture from the hair - and thus its shine.


2. Hair treatments for more shine and healthy tips

Stressed hair looks dull and brittle. In order to make the hair shine and avoid damage, hair care should be supplemented with regular cures. Corresponding products provide brittle hair with moisture and act as first-class shine boosters.

In order for the hair to look shiny and healthy without looking greasy, the ingredients should be tailored to your own hair type. Curly hair usually tolerates lavish treatments with oils, while fine, straight hair is adequately supplied with light conditioners. Leave the treatments on your hair for a few minutes once or twice a week.

Tip: Coordinate shampoo and care products to increase the care effect and the shine effect.

3. Leave-in products for shiny hair

A leave-in conditioner, hair oil, or nourishing hairspray can be integrated into the hair care routine as an additional finish. Depending on the product, the care product is massaged into dry or wet hair before the actual styling takes place.

Leave-in care should only be applied to the lengths and ends to avoid greasy hair at the roots.

Tip: Use a care product with heat protection to protect the hair from damage by the blow dryer and styling. Also, use a product with a UV light filter in summer.

Beautiful hair like Pernille Teisbaek:

Beautiful hair like Pernille Teisbaek: | Shiny Hair: 8 Best Tips And Products For Beautiful Hair
Beautiful hair like Pernille Teisbaek: | Shiny Hair: 8 Best Tips And Products For Beautiful Hair
Beautiful hair like Pernille Teisbaek: | Shiny Hair: 8 Best Tips And Products For Beautiful Hair
Instagram: @pernilleteisbaek

4. Use a good brush

For shiny hair, it is particularly important not to damage the scalp or cuticle. The type of hairbrush is also decisive. Real hair brushes detangle even long hair without tugging and give it a nice shine. Wild boar bristle brushes are known for this. If you have fine hair, you should also ensure that the brush has an antistatic effect. It is best to use a wide-toothed comb for curls.

5. Mindfulness in hair care

Even the best shampoo and the richest conditioner can only add shine if the hair is cared for with care. Because when it comes to shampooing, care, and styling, it's not just the products that count, but also how you handle your hair. Attention should be paid to:

5. Mindfulness in hair care | Shiny Hair: 8 Best Tips And Products For Beautiful Hair
Instagram: @hannaschonberg

6. Bring colored hair to shine

As much as we love the shine of freshly dyed hair, it disappears quickly. In order to give colored hair shiny reflections, a suitable color shampoo is essential. Special products for blonde, red, dark, and gray hair increase the luminosity of the color pigments.

If there is discoloration or dull colors, washing with a blue or silver shampoo can help.

Tip: With professional glossing, the hair color can be freshened up without dying again. On top of that, the treatment ensures a radiant shine.

7. Regular visits to the hairdresser

Beauty tips or not: only a regular haircut ensures long-term healthy hair and prevents split ends. The broken tips should be removed every three months to avoid dull hair. In addition, professional hair care is usually richer and can be better adapted to individual needs.


8. Shiny hair through proper nutrition

As is well known, beauty comes from within and so it is not surprising that eating habits are reflected in skin and hair. To promote healthy hair from the inside out, a balanced diet should be observed. Vitamins and minerals that influence hair growth and hair strength are particularly important. These include the B vitamins, the nutrients zinc and iron, and plant extracts such as green tea.

Tip: For beautiful hair and a healthy scalp, rely on vitamin gummy bears or dietary supplements with biotin.

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