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How To Curl Your Hair To Show Off Your Face?


Do you like curly and wavy hair? A hairdressing expert reveals the technique for our undulations to sublimate our faces. Yes, the way to achieve them is not trivial!

How To Curl Your Hair To Show Off Your Face?

Forget everything you know about wavy hair! A British hairstylist by the name of Faith Dorritt has just proved to us that there is indeed a way to curl her front locks that enhances the face more than others in a video posted on her Instagram account. Posing her wavy hair facing the camera and hiding each of the halves of her face in turn with her hands to demonstrate it to us, she emphasizes the placement of the curls created on the locks that frame the face, demonstrating that it impacts the way we perceive ours.

Unless you're curling your hair without the use of heat using on-trend curlers, her technique of leveraging the well-placed bounce of curls to open up your eyes, highlight cheekbones and frame your smile will appeal to you. It offers beautiful curls and a beautifying effect on the face.

How to highlight your face with the waves of your hair?

As the hairstylist shows in her video, if you create the right movement in your locks, your waves are able to sublimate several areas of your face like nothing. Following the many comments from her followers left under her Instagram video, the young woman, therefore, made a hairstyle tutorial on TikTok to help them reproduce this clever placement. It would be enough, according to her, to select a section of hair bordering our face and wrap it around the curler towards the back, making three turns with the section to create three curls, making sure to start the first at the level of the eyes so that all are positioned on the three areas to be highlighted (eyes, cheekbones, mouth). Then all that remains is to do the same on the other side of the face. See for yourself this technique of 3 loops in the video.

How to highlight your face with the waves of your hair? | How To Curl Your Hair To Show Off Your Face?


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