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7 Most Beautiful Sports Hairstyles For A Perfect Hold


In sport, it is totally annoying when your hair falls in your face all the time or your braid becomes loose. That is why we are showing you the seven best sports hairstyles for trouble-free training.

Perfect hold: 7 practical (and beautiful) sports hairstyles - including instructions

Perfect hold: 7 practical (and beautiful) sports hairstyles - including instructions | 7 most beautiful sports hairstyles for a perfect hold

It has to be practical and look good: these are the best sports hairstyles.

Do you just tie your hair up somehow before a workout, as long as it is not in the way? Then you should check out these hairstyles. They are not only practical but also super stylish. Because you also want to score with beautiful hair when training.

Depending on the sport, your own style, and time, we have put together different looks including step-by-step instructions.

1. Simple sports hairstyle: the ponytail

It's the hairstyle that the majority of women probably wear when exercising: the hair is gathered together with a simple movement and tied into a tight ponytail. Nothing bothers you during your workout and you can concentrate fully on the exercises.

The ponytail is suitable for medium-length and of course long hair. The higher it sits on the top of the back of the head, the sportier the ponytail looks and the better it holds up during the various workouts.

1. Simple sports hairstyle: the ponytail | 7 most beautiful sports hairstyles for a perfect hold

© Pinterest @instylegermany

All you need for the high ponytail is a hair elastic.

2. Elegant and practical: the bun

What would we women do without the bun? It is the hairstyle for every occasion, for every occasion, and for almost every hair length (for short hair see point 6). The bun hairstyle is especially perfect for long hair, as you can loop the braid around the hair tie as often as you want. The more hair, the bigger the bun will be.

2. Elegant and practical: the bun | 7 most beautiful sports hairstyles for a perfect hold

© Pinterest @Hairweave101

However, if you are often desperate about the bun or have fine hair (and therefore no volume in the bun), there are special tools for you.

This is how the sports hairstyle works with bun pillows:

The easiest is bun pillows because with them the hairstyle is always successful.

  1. It is best to first tie a ponytail with a very thin hair elastic at the point where you want your bun to sit later.
  2. Then pull the braid through the pillow and fan the hair evenly over it. A little hairspray will help make everything a little more grippy.
  3. Hold the hair on the pillow with one hand and wrap the excess ends around the pillow with the other hand.
  4. Fix any protruding tips under the pillow with bobby pins and you are ready for the workout.


How to make a bun with a bun maker:

A bun maker is ideal if you want to make your bun without a hair tie. In addition, the hairstyle is bombproof, which is ideal for training. However, the instructions sound easier than they are and require some practice.

  1. With one hand, gather your hair at the nape of your neck or a little further up the back of your head.
  2. Use the bun maker to "grab" your hair right by the head so that the hair is caught between the flexible halves and press it tightly.
  3. Now slowly pull the bun maker backward away from your head. Stop before the first strands start falling out again.
  4. Turn the bun maker back in towards your head. If you can't go any further, fold it down.
  5. Now distribute your hair around the bun maker. Your bun is ready!

Our tip: a bun with hair simply wrapped around or a pillow in use is not really suitable for jogging, but for sports with gentle movements (ballet, yoga, pilates). When jogging, running, or jumping, the accurate ballerina bun quickly becomes a loose messy bun from which individual strands can be detached.

The bun maker is ideal for more active sports because the bun sits firmly on the head. And if it should come off, the sports hairstyle can be repaired within ten seconds.

3. The eye-catcher: Bubble braid

If you are looking for a really simple but beautiful sports hairstyle for training, this variant of the simple ponytail is the best choice.

This is how the stylish sports hairstyle works:

  1. Again, take all of your hair and tie it in a high braid.
  2. Then comes the small detail with the big effect: With several gradations, the normal ponytail looks much more exciting. Tie off the braid every few inches with another hair elastic and pull the areas in between a little apart. This creates the bubble effect and volume - especially perfect for thin hair.

3. The eye-catcher: Bubble braid | 7 most beautiful sports hairstyles for a perfect hold

© Pinterest @everythingerz

4. Classic: braided hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are also very good at keeping long hair under control. If you don't have a special knack for hairstyles, you can braid a simple braid. Simply apply to the lower back of the head.

If you want something more exciting and individual, a French braid, herringbone braid, or a Dutch braid will hit the bull's eye.

4. Classic: braided hairstyles | 7 most beautiful sports hairstyles for a perfect hold

© Pinterest @ClaudiaDVzqz

5. Firm and sporty: boxer braids

This sports hairstyle is particularly practical, which is why it is often worn by many professional athletes. It is a special form of braided hairstyle, so it also gets a special mention.

How it works:

  1. Pull a middle part from your forehead to the back of your neck and part your hair in two. So that your hair doesn't get in your way all the time while braiding, tie a strand of hair together.
  2. With the other, start braiding at the very top of the temple. The braid should be on the head as tightly as possible. Add more hair, piece by piece, until you are about the level of your earlobe. Then finish the braid with the rest of your hair.
  3. Then do the same on the other side. The sporty look is finished, which is popular with female boxers (hence the name), and not only ensures that you look pretty cool, but also that everything sits firmly during exercise and not a single strand of hair disturbs you.

5. Firm and sporty: boxer braids | 7 most beautiful sports hairstyles for a perfect hold

© Pinterest @suelovesnyc

6. Simple Sports Hairstyle for Short Hair: Half Bun

Of course, you can't conjure up as many sports hairstyles with short hair as with long ones. But there is also a sporty hairstyle for bob haircuts. The half bun is the small version of the bun. Here only the top hair is gathered and tied in a small knot.

This hairstyle goes fast as it tolerates the undone look and doesn't have to look perfect. If you are bothered by the rest of the hair, which thanks to its length does not fit into the braid, then you can secure it tightly to the head with bobby pins.

6. Simple Sports Hairstyle for Short Hair: Half Bun | 7 most beautiful sports hairstyles for a perfect hold

© Pinterest @nihanaydoan

7. Tips for the pony when exercising

As beautiful as a pony may look, it is annoying when exercising. Under the forehead fringes, you sweat twice as fast, which not only looks unsightly but is also impractical (burning eyes) and can lead to blemished skin.

Hence our first tip before we get to the hairstyles: If you wear a pony, you should keep it off your face while exercising. A hairband is best for this. Pulled over the head, it keeps every strand from the forehead, no matter how short.

A hairband reminds you too much of the 80s and you would rather have a nice sports hairstyle? Then there are two ways you can get the bangs off your forehead:

The braided version

You can also use your forehead fringe to braid a side braid that fits snugly around your head. The remaining hair can then be gathered into a classic ponytail.

The braided version | 7 most beautiful sports hairstyles for a perfect hold

© Pinterest @love_hairstyles


The Spängchen variant

With this look, we also like to hide outgrown bangs: Take the forehead fringes and attach them with bobby pins to the side or top of the crown.

Our tip: It looks especially nice when the hairpins cross each other to create a casual pattern.

The Spängchen variant | 7 most beautiful sports hairstyles for a perfect hold

© Pinterest @Sugarandvapor

Conclusion: Sports hairstyles don't have to be elaborate

Whether braided or tied, fitness hairstyles don't have to take up a lot of time. When styling, however, make sure that the hairstyle suits your sport. Different hairstyles are suitable for yoga, ballet, or strength training than for jogging, zumba, or aerobics.

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