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How To Match Bags And Shoes


In order to create a memorable and stylish look, sometimes it is not absolutely necessary to buy many new clothes… may be sufficient only a new bag. So the method of transformation into a refined lady is one of the most simple and affordable.

The biggest difficulty for many of us is the correct choice of the bag that will match the shoes. You still think the bag and shoes should really have the same shade and the same texture? Wrong! This understanding is history. Today, designers tell us to give evidence to more courage and imagination when choosing a bag. Yet, a rationale clean and refined taste does not hurt.

How to match bags and shoes

Practical recommendations

If you really need a set of similar bag and shoes, then nobody will forbid anything. However, the diversity of options is so great that there is no need to analyze them all. It is enough to remember some basic rules:

– You may and should combine different textures. Agree that matching a pair of patent leather shoes with a similar bag minimum creates a feeling of boredom. Try instead to match a pair of patent leather boots with a suede bag. You will immediately see how your look becomes more interesting. Or vice versa, suede boots plus a patent leather bag. In a word, put your fantasy in motion!

– You may and should combine prints with monochrome fabrics. If you have a bag with a picture of a beautiful flower that you carry with pleasure, its charm can disappear instantly if you will match it with a pair of shoes with the same print. The beauty of such bags would be ideal accentuated if you add a pair of red but monochromatic shoes. At the same time, a pair of dainty shoes with flowers or polka dots will look perfect if matched with an appealing monochrome bag. Such bright duo will look very harmonious.

– Brightness and matte. Choose shoes and purse in the same shade, but made of materials with different textures. For example, match matte shoes and a bag with metallic shade surface. Just imagine how stylish the following combination looks: match beige or brown shoes with a bag with bronze or golden glitter. A pair of white shoes matches well with a gold handbag, and so on.

How to match bags and shoes

You must know this if you want to be stylish

How to choose the right style of a handbag so that it could be matched with a pair of shoes or boots? In fact, it is very simple, it is enough just to draw attention to details. You can always distinguish sports shoes from the office shoes or from retro style boots, right? The same thing concerns bags: there are sports, feminine, casual, festive, sober and other types of bags. Combining two different styles present in shoes and bags, is forbidden!

In addition, draw attention to shapes and proportions. For example, a pair of feminine and festive shoes may be ideally matched with a bag with round shapes while office style shoes without decorative elements can be matched with a bag with the same exact geometrical characteristics.

Do not forget about the rule of the correct combination of colors: warm colors are in harmony only with warm colors and cold with cold colors.

How to match bags and shoes

In order to choose a basic set of shoes and bags, buy a few sets:

This will allow you to look elegant and stylish at any time of year and in any situation. Ideally, if you have the opportunity, buy two sets of each color: one in office style and one in sports style.

What types of bags exist?

– Soft leather bag, without additional details. This can be matched with virtually any type of footwear and can be worn daily.

– Bag decorated with rivets, zippers, chains and other decorative elements that will ideally complement a pair of simple shoes.

– Clutch, envelope bag or any small bag can be matched with a feminine and elegant pair of shoes. If you are looking for a bag that will match a pair of stiletto sandals, choose a slim bag or an elegant clutch with a long strap and stiletto shoes gets along well with a wallet purse.

– Reptile leather bags are very actual at the moment. If you want to wear exactly such design, the shoes will have to look accordingly.

– Business shoes look ideal in combination with a bag with clear shapes, such as a rectangular and bulky enough bag.

How to match bags and shoes

– Ankle boots or boots on flat soles will match well with messenger bags, which is recommended to be worn over the shoulder.

– Textile or straw bag is ideal for going to the beach and walks through the city. This will ideally complement a pair of modern sandals.

– Loafers, canvas shoes or brutal masculine style boots suits sport or travel bags without precise shapes and spacious enough.

– If you like more handbags with unusual shapes or decorated with very bright images, we recommend that you match them with a pair of simple and monochromatic shoes.

And finally, here’s a word of advice: only if earnestly addressing choosing footwear and handbag, you will succeed with minimal cost to become a super classy lady!

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