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For More Color Shine: 5 Professional Tips For Colored Hair


5 things to know if your hair is colored...

Have you freshened up your hair with a color? Then you should definitely heed these five professional tips so that your hair color lasts as long as possible.

For More Color Shine: 5 Professional Tips For Colored Hair

If you want a new look, fresh, new hair color can make a big difference. But to keep the color and shine of your new hair color as long as possible, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The wrong handling of hair and the wrong care has a negative effect on your coloration. Colored hair needs a lot of attention and, above all, moisture. The wrong shampoo, for example, can dry out the hair or even make it brittle.

So that this doesn't happen and your hair shines as beautifully as it did shortly after it was dyed, here are five professional tips that are guaranteed to help.

1. Don't wash your hair too often or too hot

No matter whether after visiting the hairdresser or after coloring yourself: Shortly after coloring, the color shine usually comes into its own. In order to maintain this for as long as possible, hair professionals advise not to wash your hair 48 hours after dyeing. This allows the color pigments to settle better in the hair structure and the hair color does not fade as quickly. Therefore, after dyeing, give your hair at least two days before you wash it.

In addition, if you have colored hair, you should make sure not to wash your mane with water that is too hot. This stresses the hair and the color quickly appears dull and dull.

2. From now on only shampoo and conditioner for colored hair

Another tip: Invest in a new care routine and use products specially designed for colored hair. In contrast to your usual shampoo and conditioner, products for color-treated hair seal the coloration, which means that the color stays longer.

Anyone who has dyed their hair blonde knows this problem only too well: When we come fresh from the hairdresser, the blonde shade is nice and cool and looks well-groomed. But after a few weeks, the beautiful blonde hair turns yellowish and dull.

To counteract this, a silver shampoo helps to reduce the unwanted yellow tinge, improves the luminosity of the hair, and makes it nice and supple.

3. Protect your hair from the sun and salt water

Summer does not leave our hair without a trace. If you want to protect your mane from drying out, you should take precautions in summer. UV rays can attack the cuticle of the hair fibers and weaken the keratin structure of the hair. This makes the hair dry, brittle and can break off more quickly. The hair color can also be faded from too much sun.

Therefore, on hot summer days, it is best to always use a UV protection spray for your hair or a hat such as a summer hat, a cute cap, or a wide hairband that covers as much of your scalp and hair as possible.

3. Protect your hair from the sun and salt water | For More Color Shine: 5 Professional Tips For Colored Hair

Unfortunately, chlorinated water in swimming pools or saltwater in the sea is also not good for colored hair. The water attacks the hair surface, dries out the hair, and can also change the hair color. When swimming, it's best to tie your colored mane up in a loose messy bun so that your hair doesn't even come into contact with the water.


4. Do not rub hair dry

Wet hair is very sensitive, especially if it is colored. Therefore, you should never rub it dry after washing. Because this is how the hair structure is roughened and damaged. It is better if you gently wring your hair out after washing and then gently press it dry with a towel. Then wrap the towel around your hair and leave it on for at least 15 minutes. The towel now gently sucks the moisture out of your hair - without damaging your hair.

It is even gentler on your hair if you use a microfiber variant instead of a conventional towel.

5. Give your hair a nourishing treatment or mask on a regular basis

Fresh, new hair color is great, but at the same time, it always means stress for the hair. Your care program can therefore be a little more extensive than usual. A conditioner is an absolute must-have when washing.

The shampoo opens the cuticle in order to thoroughly rid the hair of sebum, flakes, and deposits of styling products. A conditioner closes the cuticle again so that care and moisture remain inside the hair.

In addition to the conditioner, a moisturizing hair treatment or mask should be on the beauty program once a week. Cures and masks deeply regenerate color damage, give the hair a lot of moisture, and keep it well-groomed and silky.

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