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4 Foods That Cause Gray Hair Early


The first gray hairs are a shock to many - especially if they appear in their thirties. One reason for this can be the wrong diet. We'll tell you which 3 foods cause gray hair early!

4 Foods That Cause Gray Hair Early
Gray hair can definitely look cool! Nevertheless, we tend to long for them less, especially at a young age.

4 Foods That Cause Gray Hair Early
If you notice gray hair early on, you should take a close look at your diet.

4 foods that can trigger gray hair early on

Gray hair can look stylish - but we are usually not very happy about the first colorless hairs. The shock is particularly great for anyone who is already in their twenties or thirties. But where does the granny mane come from? In addition to hereditary factors, a possible trigger for this is our diet! We'll tell you which foods can cause gray hair prematurely.


Yes - the beloved sugar is probably responsible for almost nothing positive in our body. The sweet crystal inhibits the absorption and processing of vitamins and minerals in our body. For example, we cannot use the benefits of vitamin E (for a silky mane) effectively because sweetened foods limit function. Proteins can also be absorbed less well in interaction with sugar - which is also an important basis for a healthy hair structure.

Flavor enhancers

This trick of the food industry has unfortunately gone forward: flavor enhancers and glutamate make everything just delicious. No wonder we find it so difficult to stay away from ready-made meals. But we should! Because unnatural substances have a negative impact on our body functions and, for example, throw our metabolism out of balance. This also has a negative effect on the aging process of our hair. So it is better to use fresh food regularly!


Animal proteins

In fact, we should also keep an eye on our animal protein consumption. Because the substance found in fish and meat, as well as eggs and dairy products, can be partly responsible for the early graying of our hair. Our body cannot digest certain proteins, so they are converted directly into uric acid. If there is excess here, it has a negative effect on our hair!

Artificial colors

Artificial sweeteners and colors are now found in countless foods. To avoid them, one has to look through the supermarket with a very critical eye. But it is worth it: because larger amounts of artificial coloring can be harmful to our body and, for example, remove the natural color from our hair.

These foods help fight gray hair

To combat food-borne gray hair, change your diet. Particularly important nutrients for the maintenance of our melanocytes - i.e. our hair color - are copper, iron, zinc, vitamin B5, proteins, and amino acids. Stick to the following foods:

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