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These 5 Hair Mistakes Will Make You Look Old


Oh no! There are actually hairstyles and grooming routines that can make you look older than you are. You should definitely stay away from these five.

Do not try this! : These 5 hair mistakes will make you look old | These 5 hair mistakes will make you look old

Read and learn: please don't let these mistakes happen to you again!

Do not try this! : These 5 hair mistakes will make you look old

Your hair says more about you than your outfits could ever tell you. Why it is like that? Well, you can change your outfit every day, but unfortunately not your hair. Sure, you can miss a new hairstyle trend every day, but the structure, shine, and body ultimately stay the same. That is why care is particularly important!

These 5 hair mistakes will make you look extra old. So: don't imitate!

5 hair mistakes that make you look old

1. Dull hair

There is nothing bleaker than dull, dull hair. Not a single life-affirming glimmer, not a shaping contour. Dull hair shows how badly the body is doing. Anyone who has dull hair looks years older.

2. Hair that is too short

What hair length you should wear is determined solely by the shape of the face and the length of the neck. A good hairdresser knows this and also advises you against the coolest trend hairstyle if it doesn't suit you. Under certain circumstances, the makeover could mean that you look significantly older than you are. For example, if you wear your hair too short. Advice is the be-all and end-all here.


3. A completely new color

Completely changing your natural hair tone has long since ceased to be the trend. If you do anyway, the result could be your age - or at least look like - 10 years old. A complete color change has the consequence that you damage your hair permanently and it looks brittle and dull. You also completely change your type and that can quickly backfire. So please: don't do it.

4. Wear the part on the wrong side

We all have our chocolate side. This also plays a major role in the choice of the parting side. But be careful: the shape of the face is decisive here too because not everyone has a side or middle part. Angular faces need a side parting, oval faces can have a middle parting. Your style-conscious colleague, roommate, or best friend can certainly give you a tip.

5. Burn your hair

Straighteners, curling irons, and the like can cause serious damage to the hair structure and destroy your hair in the long term. If you don't use heat protectant permanently, it will show on your hair. Unhealthy, brittle, and full of split ends. Nobody wants that! So please: Always think about care.

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