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Leni Klum Shows How Easy It Is To Style Beach Waves Now!


We style these beach waves directly after Leni Klum - not only because they are the 2022 hairstyle trend...

Just a few weeks ago, the internet talked about her big transformation – and now model Leni Klum is already setting the next hairstyle trend. This time, however, it's not about her hair color, but the beach waves she regularly wears.

Leni Klum Shows How Easy It is to Style Beach Waves Now!
Have you always wanted natural beach waves, but don't know how to quickly style the hairstyle trend? Leni Klum helps out!

Is this hairstyle trend too complicated for you? Then just wait! The typical Los Angeles look by Leni Klum is surprisingly simple and is one of the most beautiful styling ideas for spring - with or without a beach nearby.

Leni Klum Shows How Easy It is to Style Beach Waves Now!
Instagram: @leniklum

Beach Waves by Leni Klum: This is how the hairstyle trend for 2022 works

It's totally understandable if you don't see the curling iron as an extension of your arm - and would rather wear your natural hair texture than go for the perfectly imperfect beach waves of Instagram and stars like Leni Klum. But we have good news: This hairstyle trend can also be done without a curling iron - and it's a lot easier than you think! Leni Klum shows on her Instagram channel that she uses a straightening iron for her natural beach waves, which feels much better in the hand and gives even beginners great curls.

The reason: You can intuitively twist your hair in the direction in which you want the beach waves - the new technologies of the straightening iron protect your hair from heat and still style it for a long time. In contrast to corkscrew curls, this hairstyle trend is designed to be natural and is brushed out after using the straightening iron.

Beach Waves by Leni Klum: This is how the hairstyle trend for 2022 works | Leni Klum Shows How Easy It is to Style Beach Waves Now!
Instagram: @leniklum

Step by step: Leni Klum is already following the beach waves hairstyle trend – with these instructions you will soon be able to too

First of all, using a heat protector is an absolute must. Although newer straightening irons are much more gentle on your hair, you should always protect your lengths from hair breakage and split ends from heat. And: Some sprays also provide more grip in the styling. Then it depends on the look: When it comes to beach waves, Leni Klum relies on both the twisted variant and light waves that give her hair structure.

With the first hairstyle trend, you take a strand, place the straightening iron parallel to the head at the hairline, turn it 180 degrees outwards, and slowly pull the strand through. Repeat this with your full-lengths. The second variant is even easier: To do this, always separate a strand, place the straightening iron horizontally to the head at the crown and make a zigzag movement down to the tips. Finally, run a coarse comb or simply your fingers through your hair so that the hairstyle trend à la Leni Klum looks even more natural.

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