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Smoothing Brush Test 2021: Which Hairstyler Smooths Reliably?


Nice, straight hair without straining or damaging it? This is what smoothing brushes promise. In our smoothing brush test 2021, we tried three models for you.

The same thing every morning: If you want to straighten your unruly hair, you quickly reach for the straightening iron. An alternative that has become increasingly popular in recent years is smoothing brushes. True to the motto: Hairstyling made easy, the brushes should smooth the hair gently and quickly, provide shine and even prevent frizz.

Smoothing brush test 2021: Which hairstyler smooths reliably?

We have tested three different models ourselves and explain to you what you should pay attention to when using a smoothing brush.

How do you use a smoothing brush? Step by step to the sleek look

If you want a sleek look with the hair tool, you should consider a few points when using the straightening brush. It is important to note that your hair should be completely dry. So just let them air dry or, if you want to go faster, use the hairdryer.

Step 1: Before use, massage a heat protection spray into your hair with the straightening brush. This can significantly reduce hair damage. Then let it dry.

Step 2: Divide your hair into smaller sections so that you can work your hair strand by strand with the brush.

Step 3: Apply the straightening brush close to the scalp and slowly brush through each individual strand. Keep the hair slightly taut, as the heat is transferred more evenly.

Step 4: Then fix your hair with hairspray. For a really sleek look, you can also use some gel or gloss spray.

Smoothing brush test 2021: three models for smooth stylings

Smoothing brushes promise a lot. But do they keep everything? We tested three different hairstyling tools.

Smoothing brush test 2021: Genius Simply Straight Professional

The Genius Simply Straight Professional is designed to bristle, care for and straighten your hair at the same time. The set includes a heat-resistant mat, a travel bag, and a detangler brush that detangles your hair. So you can start right away.

Further details at a glance:

Smoothing brush test 2021: Genius Simply Straight Professional | Smoothing brush test 2021: Which hairstyler smooths reliably?

Conclusion: The smoothing brush is relatively light and easy to hold in the hand. That makes it very easy to use. Due to the manual temperature regulation, you can simply enter the desired temperature yourself, so that you yourself determine how much heat your hair is treated with.

The straightening brush was used on thick, slightly wavy hair and unfortunately does not quite bring the desired result. The hair is then smoother, has more shine, but still looks a bit strawy at the tips. Overall, however, they feel pleasantly soft and are smoother on the surface. However, if you want a flawless sleek look, you should rework with a straightening iron afterward.

Smoothing brush test 2021: ikoo e-styler pro

The ikoo smoothing brush combines two beauty tools in one. With the front two heating plates, you can straighten your hair, with the side you want to create light waves.

Further details at a glance:

Smoothing brush test 2021: ikoo e-styler pro | Smoothing brush test 2021: Which hairstyler smooths reliably?

Conclusion: The use of the smoothing brush is very simple and easy to implement. Overall, the whole thing only took a few minutes. After brushing, the hair looks significantly shinier and smoother than before application - although it is already relatively smooth beforehand.

Nevertheless, the beauty helper in our test does not come close to a straightening iron. Unfortunately, the waves didn't last that long, but this is also due to the hair structure. Curls or waves did not last long even with a curling iron. Overall, however, we are satisfied with the result. However, we did not achieve a really sleek look with the ikoo smoothing brush.


Smoothing brush test 2021: ghd glide hot brush

With the Hot Brush, ghd is launching a smoothing brush with ion technology that is primarily intended to treat frizz. The manufacturer promises professional and gentle styling in salon-quality. We wanted to test that.

Further details at a glance:

Straightening brush vs. straightening iron: which is better for your hair?

Anyone who frequently uses a straightener knows how much their own hair is strained. Due to the extreme heat that gets directly on the hair, dry ends or broken hair are not uncommon. Suitable care products such as heat protection sprays or regular treatment for heavily stressed hair should therefore be used regularly.

Overall, straightening brushes should be much gentler on the hair. But why is that? Since your own hair is not clamped directly between two hot plates with the beauty tool, it is significantly less long and exposed to heat. This does not create an extremely sleek look, but the hair is still straightened.

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