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Bubble Braid Pigtails: Trendy Fall Hairstyle


A hybrid of two top hairstyles of the moment, bubble braid pigtails are a half-tie that is already shaping up to be a big fall trend. What do they look like and how do you make them? We tell you everything!

Bubble Braid Pigtails: Trendy Fall Hairstyle

As you may have noticed, the 90s continue to inspire the beauty trends of today and tomorrow. Whether it's makeup or hairstyling, one thing is certain: the nineties are not going to leave us anytime soon! On the make-up side, the fine eyebrows and the outline of the mouth drawn in a color darker than the rest of the lips have established themselves as beauty biases that are once again in vogue (although surprisingly). On the hair side, butterfly clamps, brushing with the tips that protrude, and framing locks that dress the face have given rise to the replica, signaling the return of the iconic hairstyles of this decade which has only been confirmed month after month. Lately, it was with an attachment from our high school years that we reconciled: pigtails. These small, high-perched quilts that sit on either side of our skull - and which are not without reviving one of Britney Spears' signature hairstyles - we have established themselves as an essential hairstyle of 2021. If we expected Seeing them worn only by young girls, we were surprised to find that they had seduced many celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber, and Adèle Exarchopoulos. Even Jennifer Lopez fell for this vintage hair look.

If now, pigtails usually only retain a lock of hair each just to leave the majority of our hair free, it is clear that this revisiting of children's quilts has found its place in current hairstyle trends.
So much so, that a new hairstyle trend inspired by it is emerging right now on TikTok: bubble braid pigtails. A tie that is already shaping up to be a key trend for fall 2021.

What are bubble pigtails?

If their name is far from foreign to us, it's because these new kinds of duvets are actually the combination of two hair trends that have been on the rise for several months now. The bubble braid, on the one hand, this “bubble braid” star of social networks which is super easy to achieve with a few elastics, and the famous pigtails, on the other hand, these quilts bring up two large locks of hair on each side. of the head. In short, these are pigtails that are embellished with the characteristic bubble braid "hair bubbles" quite simply (like the ones you can see below where the bubbles dress low duvets)!

What are bubble pigtails? | Bubble Braid Pigtails: Trendy Fall Hairstyle

How to make bubble braid pigtails?

Rest assured, this half tie that mixes two hairstyle trends is nowhere near as difficult to replicate as you might think.

What do you need?

- A comb (the best being a tail comb to create the separations)
- A handful of small rubber bands

Here you are with bubble braid pigtails!

How to make bubble braid pigtails? | Bubble Braid Pigtails: Trendy Fall Hairstyle

You can also see a great example of how bubble pigtails were made on video on the TikTok account of influencer Kirsten Zellers (@kirstenzellers).


Bubble braid pigtails: For whom?

You will understand, to adopt this new trendy hairstyle for fall, you must at least have hair that reaches down to the shoulders. This is essential for making pretty high duvets and being able to form beautiful bubbles along their entire length.
If you have shoulder-length to long hair, go for it! Bubble pigtails are an ideal trend for disciplining your hair while adding a touch of whimsy to your lengths.

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