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Liquid Hair: How To Embrace This Trend That Makes Hair Ultra Shiny?


A new hair fad that promises hair as shiny as water reflections, the liquid hair trend combines hair care and flawless straightening. We explain it to you!

Liquid Hair: How To Embrace This Trend That Makes Hair Ultra Shiny?

The hairstyle trends for fall/winter 2021-2022 predicted us several months ago, straight hair is indeed back in force this year in the hair. Having sworn by the charming beauty of wavy waves, the lengths are now dressed in an impeccable but supple smoothing, which reveals all its shine under the effect of the waves of the hair. A hair trend that appeared at the start of the 2021 school year under the name of liquid hair (or “liquid hair” if we translate literally into French) and which is taking full rise at the start of 2022 under the impetus of social networks especially where the maximum brilliance of these oscillating lengths is emulated.

Worn by many celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa or even Jennifer Lopez who are no strangers to such success, the smooth hair with shimmering reflections promised by the trend of liquid hair can be obtained much more easily than it is believed at first glance.

Liquid hair: the secrets of this essential hairstyle trend in 2022

To achieve smooth hair as shiny, hairdressers rely on keratin treatments, as hairstylist Hollie Rose Clarke told Glamor UK magazine. This protein naturally present in the hair is their “raw material”, making up about 95% of it. Capable of repairing the hair fiber by filling in its gaps and smoothing its cuticle to maximize its shine, it strengthens its flexibility and resistance. This type of repairing treatment thus succeeds in eliminating frizz and impeccably smoothing the hair while making it radiant with health. To finalize the look, proper smoothing is then performed. But while the stars obviously offer the services of professionals to sublimate their hair in this way, the trend does not necessarily require expensive hair care and straightening at the hairdresser. A few home grooming and a straightener can be all it takes to sport that glamorous look.

How to reproduce the liquid hair trend yourself at home?

Equip yourself with a treatment duo consisting of shampoo and mask rich in keratin, a straightener, and hair treatment that shines the hair fiber to recreate the characteristic shine of the trend.

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