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5 Nifty But Simple Winter Hairstyles Are Absolutely "Hat Safe"


It's getting colder outside again - and with that, the hat season begins. These hairstyles are definitely not destroyed by hats, caps, and the like.

5 Nifty But Simple Winter Hairstyles Are Absolutely "Hat Safe"

Autumn is here and winter is just around the corner. As a result, in addition to thick sweaters and scarves, hats again take up an important place in our wardrobe. When the temperatures drop significantly again, beanies and co. Protect us from the cold. This year there are many different models that are totally hip. We can really let off steam with our hats in winter if it weren't for our hair, which we styled perfectly in the morning and which we often mess up with wearing a hat. Fortunately, there are these 5 winter hairstyles that are absolute "hat safe".

Hairstyles with hats: Boxer braids

This hairstyle not only looks super casual but also withstands wind and weather - and hats too. The boxer braids are often worn at festivals or during sports, but the braided braids are also suitable as an everyday hairstyle for the winter.

Hairstyles with hats: Boxer braids | 5 Nifty But Simple Winter Hairstyles Are Absolutely "Hat Safe"
Instagram: @liveeverydaybetter

And this is how it works: Brush the hair into a center part and then divide it into two strands. Then braid the hair tightly on both sides. The special thing about it: As with the classic French braid, the sections are gradually braided, but you start with the hair at the top of the head. So the braid sits tight and there is no flying hair.

Sleek Ponytail is hat-proof

Even the sleek ponytail is certainly not ruined by hats and the like and it also makes your look super classy: The strict, low-set ponytail can be worn under a hat and is suitable for the office as well as for after-work. Suitable for drinks with friends.

Sleek Ponytail is hat-proof | 5 Nifty But Simple Winter Hairstyles Are Absolutely "Hat Safe"
Instagram: @carodaur

Another plus: if we are in a hurry in the morning, the ponytail can be styled in a few minutes. Simply comb your hair to one side and tie it tightly at the back of the head with an elastic band. Finally, set the hair in place with some hairspray.

French plait

Just like the boxer braids, the French braid is a hairstyle that not only looks great but can also be worn under hats and caps. Unlike other braided hairstyles, the French braid is also very easy to achieve for beginners.

And this is how the hairstyle works: Divide the hair into three equal sections and first start braiding as normal. After two "braiding rounds", add a tiny side strand to each strand and continue to braid it together with the strand.


Winter hairstyles for hats: Sleek Hair

Even open hair does not necessarily have to be ruined by hats and the like. If you want to be on the safe side, you should style your loose hair according to the sleek hair trend. The hair is fixed on the top of the head with hair gel and then combed back.

Winter hairstyles for hats: Sleek Hair | 5 Nifty But Simple Winter Hairstyles Are Absolutely "Hat Safe"
Instagram: @gigihadid

Depending on how much hair gel you use, the look either looks fresh from the shower or cautiously elegant like top model Gigi Hadid. But one thing is certain: Sleek hair and hats - this is an ideal combination!

Hat-Safe Hairstyles: Buzz Cut

For the very brave there is a hairstyle that no hat can wear: the buzz cut. With the hairstyle, the hair is cut short so that only a few centimeters are left at the end. Super casual and super easy to style.

Hat-Safe Hairstyles: Buzz Cut | 5 Nifty But Simple Winter Hairstyles Are Absolutely "Hat Safe"
Instagram: @streetstyled

The buzz cut looks cool and unadapted, especially with beanies and sailor's hats!

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