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Boyfriend Bob: Casual Short Haircut For Spring


In need of a little coolness? We'll tell you which casual short haircut is particularly popular this spring. That's behind the trendy boyfriend bob.

Not all bobs are the same - the stylish short haircuts are worn in many different variations. Whether cheeky, casual, or feminine - there is something for every taste. This spring is totally on the rise: the so-called boyfriend bob. We explain to you what makes the cool short haircut.

Boyfriend Bob: Casual short haircut for spring
A casual haircut that is straightforward? We reveal how the boyfriend bob works.

Boyfriend Bob: Casual short haircut for spring
Super cool: the new boyfriend bob!

This is what defines the boyfriend bob

We already know the term from fashion and can therefore get an approximate picture of the style: It's about giving feminine outfits a little more coolness with the help of oversize, loose cuts, and coarse fabrics. This is exactly what we want for our hairstyle!

Casual and practical: this is how the boyfriend bob works

And this is what it looks like: The boyfriend bob is a medium-length bob cut that ends a little below the jawbone line. However, we do without soft contours, feminine waves, and steps. Instead, the boyfriend bob is cut precisely and straight - that gives it an extraordinary dose of coolness.

Who is the boyfriend bob?

Women with the trending haircut are particularly effective when they have a soft and round face. The straight, hard cut balances out the feminine side a little, bring in more casualness, and loosens up the look.

This short haircut is especially suitable for women with straight, straight hair. Of course, everyone else can also try the trend hairstyle - it may look a little less edgy with wavy or curly hair.


Styling: This is how the trendy short haircut works

Luckily, elaborate styling is not necessary with this uncomplicated short hairstyle. For the optimal, androgynous look, draw a straight middle parting so that the sharp cut comes out ideally.

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