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Black Cabbage Does Goiter?


You may have come up with many news about the black cabbage does goiter, but we can clearly say that this is not the case. This is a very old language and the language of this false information unfortunately was perceived as real. Yeah, we're reiterating that it's definitely wrong.

There are some foods called goitregenic foods and goiter, and a large part of these foods are from the genus of lahanagiller. These foods, called sulfuric foods, are very beneficial to our health, and they really have to beat it with a big truck to make goitre, so it is impossible for anyone to consume any amount of food. Whether black cabbage or white cabbage or cauliflower. The conclusion is that there is practically no goitre effect of eating them. In labs, there is no point in feeding mice to a truck cabbage and misleading the society.

Good news for cabbage lovers; You can consume the cabbage as much as you want. The cabbage is also a valuable vegetable so few, do not forget it.

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