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Perfect Hair Length For Women Over 50 - According To The Expert


As soon as you know what suits you, you often stick to the same hairstyle for years. But our hair and its needs change over time. Which hair length is therefore actually suitable for women over 50? An expert gives us the answer.

Perfect Hair Length For Women Over 50 - According To The Expert
We reveal why you should rethink your haircut in the 50s.

Perfect Hair Length For Women Over 50 - According To The Expert
According to the expert, there is a certain cut that particularly flatters women of this age.

What length of hair at what age?

As a child the hairstyle is often practical, in the younger years it comes to trying things out and we often get stuck with a beautiful, long mane. Those who have worn the same hairstyle for years have often got used to it and will no longer question whether the haircut suits them in the future. But this can change with age - after all, our bodies and hair also change.

Star hairdresser Antony Nader told Grazia in an interview that hair length is ideal for women over 50.

Hair needs to change with age

No matter what type of hair we are - with increasing age, the body's own keratin production decreases. The consequence, from which nobody is immune: Hair automatically becomes thinner and finer. The process can be delayed with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, but it cannot be prevented.

Because the head loses volume, it becomes increasingly difficult to make long hairstyles look beautiful and healthy over time.

"From a certain age it is definitely recommended to wear your hair a little shorter,"

therefore advises the star hairdresser Antony Nader.

That is why the long bob is the ideal hairstyle for women over 50

Is that why we all have to wear the classic short hair perm that reminds us of our grandmother? No way! In fact, there's one length Antony Nader recommends for women around 50:

"Shoulder-length hair is trendy at this age,"

traitor. The shorter cut not only makes the hair look more voluminous and healthier but also has other advantages: In contrast to an extremely short haircut, a soft long bob makes the face look younger, as lines and contours are becoming harder are optically balanced. Especially if you have always worn long hair, you also have enough styling freedom with a shoulder-length cut. And the best thing about it: Bob cuts are absolutely trendy right now!

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