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Californian Blonde: The Sun-Infused Color!


As summer finally sets in for good, like every year, the Californian blonde is once again turning heads! Bright as you wish, it adorns the hair with sunny reflections and is available to the envy. In this article, we tell you all about this popular shade of blonde.

Californian Blonde: The Sun-infused Color!

Most often associated with the summer season, the Californian blonde has the art of making more than one dream. Its name owes it to its legendary shine, worthy of the one that naturally lights up the hair after several weeks of surfing the waves on the typical beaches of the American West. So, even if this blonde color also looks great when the weather turns gray, it's easy to understand why summer is the season of choice for Californian blond... A color that is as luminous as it is timeless!

So what is it that really characterizes the Californian blonde? Who is it going to and how can it best be maintained? In this article, we reveal the secrets behind this ultra-trendy and popular hair color. To your notes!

Californian Blond, what is this?

We described it to you as particularly bright and sunny, you should know that this is not limited to the characteristics of this blonde coloring, not like the others... With superb golden reflections, this solar blonde is obtained by mixing a polar blonde shade with a nice touch of honey! Result: hair color with a thousand and one highlights, perfectly nuanced and completely natural. Particularly popular in the 90s, this blonde hair color has, in fact, never really taken center stage. Each year, the Californian blond returns to the heart of trends and gives the hair a holiday feel. Healthy glow guaranteed, like after a summer spent at the beach.

Californian blond, what is this? | Californian Blonde: The Sun-infused Color!
Instagram: @locksbya_libra | HANNAH RANSOM HAIR

How to adopt the Californian Blond?

While it is quite possible to sport this blonde color throughout the hair in a uniform and incredibly luminous manner, many prefer to do it in small touches here and there in the hair and thus fall for the Californian blonde balayage. Thanks to this partial coloring technique, only fine strands are lightened, which gives the hair an even more natural effect, and even more reflections. At the roots, the natural color of the hair is preserved and it is in the lengths that the Californian blonde takes hold of the hair to the ends, for a remarkable result: a blended sweep without demarcation.

The Californian Blond, who is she?

If the fact that Californian blond suits everyone is beyond doubt (this blonde coloring has as much the art of warming light complexions as of sublimating tanned skin tones), it is clear that it is easier to adopt for some people and with certain hair colors. Indeed, while dark blonde or light brown hair will have no difficulty in appropriating Californian blonde, darker hair will need several visits to the hairdressing salon before finally being able to sport the long-awaited blonde. On dark brown hair, obtaining a warm or ash blonde would be more feasible. Finally, on very brown or black hair, a simple sweep will not be possible because the demarcation between the natural hair and the discolored part would be too sharp. Above all, remember: a successful Californian blonde is a Californian blonde with a natural result ... This is why we recommend that you rely on the advice of a professional. In general, what is recommended is not to bleach the hair beyond two tones below its natural color.

The Californian Blond, who is she? | Californian Blonde: The Sun-infused Color!
The Californian Blond, who is she? | Californian Blonde: The Sun-infused Color!
Instagram: @anastasiia.savelieva | Анастасия Савельева

How to take care of your Californian blonde?

Like any other blonde hair color, Californian blonde needs very specific maintenance. Indeed, so that its result remains natural for a long time, do not skimp on the care. Like your hair color, your hair routine needs to be reinvented! Particularly if to achieve such a result, your hair needs to be chemically bleached (whether entirely or only on a few strands) ... A process that has inevitably made them more fragile. So, to take care of it properly, we recommend that you use a mild shampoo, a moisturizing conditioner, as well as a nourishing mask. Then, while balayage is one of the easiest hair color techniques to maintain, you will still need to visit a hair salon fairly regularly to keep your gorgeous California blonde glow. To space out your appointments as well as possible, nothing better than a blue or purple shampoo to neutralize the yellow highlights and reveal all the beauty of your Californian blonde!

And beware, just because the name of this blonde hair color is inspired by Californian beaches, the sun and seawater don't necessarily mean good to it. Therefore, with prolonged exposure, we recommend that you protect your hair from UV rays as well as you would the skin on your face. Good news: many skincare products exist for this!

So, what are you waiting for to highlight your hair as well as your face with Californian blonde, now that this color has no secrets for you? Ultra trendy, the latter will not disappoint you, especially if you have it carried out according to the rules of the art, in other words: in a hairdressing salon and taking into account the professional advice that will be given to you there. Please note: you will also have your role to play! Indeed, you will need to take care of your Californian blonde if you want it to be able to reveal its full potential for a long time. You will see: by falling for this sunny blonde color, purple or blue shampoo may very quickly become your best ally!

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