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Curling Without Heat: Best Tricks


Do you want wonderful curls but are afraid that heat will damage your hair? Then our three tips on how to style curls without heat are perfect for you!

Styling curls without heat: 3 best tricks

Styling curls without heat: 3 best tricks | Curling without heat: Best tricks
Dreamlike curls can also be conjured up without heat. We'll reveal 3 effective and simple tricks to you.

Curling without heat: Best tips for curly hair

Repeatedly working the mane with a curling iron or hot curlers can damage the hair in the long term. This is due to the high temperatures, a curling iron can easily be between 170 and 220 degrees! So it's no wonder if our hair becomes brittle or looks dull as a result. With these tricks, you can conjure up curls - without any heat!

Curl overnight - without any heat

Are you looking for beautiful, soft beach waves? This is how you can:

  1. To do this, wash your hair in the evening and then apply a little Sea Salt Spray to the lengths.
  2. Now loosely braid the hair at the nape of the neck and secure it with a hair tie without metal inserts or a scrunchie.
  3. The next morning, all you have to do is undo the braid and gently comb the hair a little with your fingers or a coarse comb.
  4. The Beach Waves are ready, spray them with some hairspray for more hold!


Gentle on the hair: Splendid curls thanks to papilots

Daddy what? Papilottes are small wire rods that are covered with foam. With this you can achieve wonderful styling results in terms of curls:

  1. After washing your hair, add mousse to the lengths.
  2. Separate the strand of hair and place a papillote at the bottom at a right angle to the strand at the tips. Roll up the entire strand on the papilotte. When the hairline is reached, fold the ends of the papilotte inwards on the right and left to fix the strand.
  3. Do this until all your hair is twisted. Depending on how small or large the curls should be, divide up the individual sections beforehand. Small sections result in small curls, wide sections result in large curls.
  4. For the best result, leave the papilots in your hair overnight.
  5. The next day you can remove the curlers. Pluck the waves into place and spray everything with hairspray.

Playful waves with the help of braids

Did you always do that as a teenager? The method still works flawlessly and is straightforward. All you need are lots of small hair ties:

  1. In the evening after washing, apply some mousse to towel-dampened hair.
  2. Braid the mane into many small braids and fix them with hair ties.
  3. Let it rest one night and enjoy the result the next day: Loosen the hair ties and go through the waves with your fingertips. Hairspray over it, et voilà!

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