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Quick And Easy: 5 Hairstyle Trends For The Beach


Do you have better things to do on the beach than styling your hair for a long time? We also! Five wonderfully simple hairstyle trends that look great and are done in no time. Have a beautiful holiday!

5 ideas for beautiful hair on the beach

1. Braid with cloth

1. Braid with cloth | Quick And Easy: 5 Hairstyle Trends For The Beach
Looking for a beach hairstyle trend? We'll show you 5 trendy looks for your hair and reveal how to style it.

Deep braid + scarf in your hair = one of the hottest hairstyles for summer. Blogger Jess Kirby took this look in just 60 seconds:

  1. Spray a UV protection spray into dry hair.
  2. Loosely flip over the outer strands at the nape of the neck.
  3. Tie the lengths together with a bandana in a deep braid.

Tip: Use a thin hair elastic underneath, it will hold better.

2. Undone wet look

2. Undone wet look | Quick And Easy: 5 Hairstyle Trends For The Beach
Instagram: @selenagomez

The perfect beach hairstyle, for both longer and shorter hair: knead a light styling milk into damp hair to prevent frizz and simply let the lengths air-dry. This brings out their natural texture (like a slight wave here on Selena Gomez) and they get that casual, beachy look without looking strawy.


3. Easy updo

3. Easy updo | Quick And Easy: 5 Hairstyle Trends For The Beach

Hippie hair for beach mermaids like the Swede Matilda Djerf: For the loose topknot, shake your hair over your head and loop it into a relaxed high bun. Instead of taut with a rubber band, the knot is loosely tied with individual hairpins. This gives the hair on the back of the head enough leeway to slide out naturally.

4. Half knot

4. Half knot | Quick And Easy: 5 Hairstyle Trends For The Beach

Also works with shorter hair: spray wave sprays into damp or dry hair and shake out the lengths with your fingers. Then, like blogger Cara Jourdan, section off the top hair at the level of the temples, tuck it into a loose, small knot and tie it up with a transparent hair tie.

5. Loose loop

5. Loose loop | Quick And Easy: 5 Hairstyle Trends For The Beach

That's how it's done:

  1. So that the messy loop on the neck looks well-groomed, first knead a small dollop of finish cream into the lengths.
  2. Comb your hair loosely and smoothly, gather it at the nape of the neck, fold the length halfway up and tie it with a thin elastic to make a knot.

Finishing trick by blogger Hanna Schönberg: carefully pluck a strand out, loop around the elastic, and tuck the ends invisibly under the braid.

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