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Find Out What Shape Your Face Is To Better Highlight It!


While it is not always easy to determine the shape of your face, this characteristic is nevertheless essential when it comes to highlighting yourself according to your specificities. Good news: thanks to this article, the shape of your face - whatever it is - will soon have no secrets for you!

Find out what shape your face is to better highlight it!
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If we hear most often about a square face, a round face, or an oval face... Did you know that this is not limited to the diversity of face shapes? However, this ignorance certainly explains why it can be so difficult to identify the morphology of your face without being mistaken... Fortunately, we are here to help you remedy this! Because yes, knowing the shape of your face is decisive when you want to highlight your features as they should! Indeed, this criterion must be taken into account when choosing a haircut, hairstyle, or coloring, when it comes to makeup, or a pair of glasses, for example. In other words: knowing the morphology of your face will help you on a daily basis, because, you will understand: each face shape has its ideal beauty treatment!

How to define the shape of his face?

While for some people the shape of the face is very easy to determine because it is so recognizable, this is not the case for everyone. Indeed, whether it is through ignorance of the different morphologies that exist or because belonging to a certain face shape is more subtle, many are not able to identify the shape of their face with certainty ... Fortunately, it is quite possible to remedy this by identifying a few criteria specific to each face shape!

Oval face

If your face is oval, know that you are in luck because this is the face shape that almost everything fits. This is what explains why it is commonly referred to as "perfect" (although all face shapes are in their own way). It's simple: your proportions are balanced in length and width, making it easy for you to adopt any hairstyle or hairstyle! To be sure that your face can be qualified as oval, we advise you to check that the width of your forehead is narrower than that of your cheekbones and proportional to that of your jaw, that the contours of your face are clear. everywhere and your forehead is rather high. Don't hesitate to take a few steps to find out and if so, then your face is indeed oval.

Oval face | Find out what shape your face is to better highlight it!
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Square face

Your jaw is assertive, your features are relatively straight and regular, your contours angular, your forehead rather broad and proportional to the width of your jaw and your face is almost as long as it is wide? If you recognize yourself in this description, then there is a good chance that your face is square. Be aware that this means that the haircuts that will make you look the most are fuzzy and layered, with lengths (even the shortest of the hair) that go beyond the jawline. If you have long hair, you don't have to force yourself to cut - it looks great on you.

In general, whether it is a haircut, a hairstyle, or make-up, we recommend that you turn to beauty treatments that will contrast with the rectilinear shape of your face and will be able to bring softness to your features, as to your eyes.

Square face | Find out what shape your face is to better highlight it!
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The rectangular face

We find with this face shape almost all the characteristics of the square face, but more elongated this time. Indeed, the rectangular face is angular and long with a rather broad forehead, as well as a similar jaw and cheekbones in terms of width. If in addition to all this, your hairline is straight and your face longer than it is wide: no doubt, your body type may well be defined as rectangular.

To enhance your face, use the same advice as for a square face, the goal is to soften your features too! To break up the long effect of your face, we also recommend focusing on volume and waves. Get the hair of your dreams!

The rectangular face | Find out what shape your face is to better highlight it!
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Round face

Are your cheeks plump, your cheekbones plump, your chin rather short, the length and width of your face are proportional and your contours far from structured, but more rounded? Look no further: your face is round! One of the most easily recognizable shapes around. In order to sublimate this morphology, you can cheat thanks to beauty treatments that bring structure to your features and lengthen your face. A fairly long or mid-length cut and layered for a lighter look can only suit you! Add to that a little volume and light waves and you're good to go. Aren't you afraid to be original? Be aware that short bangs are said to enhance a round face! If you have a large forehead, you can also embellish your hair with an asymmetrical section or straight, tapered bangs that will add some character to your hairstyle!

Round face | Find out what shape your face is to better highlight it!
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Triangle face

If your forehead is much narrower than your jaw, which is quite prominent on the contrary, it means that your face is triangular, a morphology also called a "pyramid". Be aware that, while this is an uncommon form, this type of face can also be favored by very specific hair implantation. The beauty enhancements highlighting your forehead by freeing it - all without accentuating the volumes of the lower part of your face - are those on which you must bet. For example, a short, fuzzy, voluminous bob without bangs will look great on you! A gradient on a mid to long haircut is also an option that matches your triangular face shape. The goal: to add volume at the forehead and minimize it at the ends.

Triangle face | Find out what shape your face is to better highlight it!
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Inverted triangle face

You guessed it by its name: this morphology represents the perfect opposite of the triangular face. In other words, an inverted triangle face is a face that has a forehead that is wider than the jawline, which is rather narrow. Slightly protruding cheekbones, pointed chin, do you recognize yourself? Your face is therefore an inverted triangle shape.

Much more common this time, this morphology can be sublimated by pretty bangs and haircuts with very pronounced layering, which will allow you to add volume where it is needed: at the chin, therefore. Also, know that waves, mid-length length, and side parting will be beautiful on you!

Inverted triangle face | Find out what shape your face is to better highlight it!
Inverted triangle face | Find out what shape your face is to better highlight it!
Instagram: @mileycyrus

Diamond face

Also called a diamond or hexagonal face, this morphology presents a rather narrow forehead and jaw with prominent cheekbones: quite wide and high. While this face shape is reminiscent of an oval face, it still reveals more character. Indeed, although they remain soft, her features are more angular and drawn. In this case, you can then opt for haircuts that are fuzzy, voluminous, airy, and even why not wavy? All of them will have the art of softening your pretty face. The mid-length and layered hairstyles will also emphasize your features, without hardening them, and that is precisely what will highlight your face! Finally, on the makeup side, the best advice we can give you would be to keep a light hand when it comes to blushing.

Diamond face | Find out what shape your face is to better highlight it!
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Heart face

Your forehead is extended - more than your jaw in any case - which is itself quite assertive without being square, well, your chin is rather pointed? Bingo: The shape of your face can then be compared to that of a heart! If the latter is often confused with the inverted triangle shape, it is distinguished by the rounded line - most often having a small V-shaped peak at the root (called widow's peak) - which separates the forehead from the birth of the hair. Regarding the enhancement of this type of face, our advice is therefore generally the same as those delivered to enhance an inverted triangle morphology!

Heart face | Find out what shape your face is to better highlight it!
Heart face | Find out what shape your face is to better highlight it!
Instagram: @kourtneykardash

Oblong face

Here is a type of face to say the least little known and often confused with the rectangular shape, in particular! Indeed, the oblong face is also elongated, however, the features which characterize it are much thinner, long, and extended than in other faces. If you think that your face is oblong, then, good news: we told you that this morphology was similar to that of the rectangle face, know that it is also similar to that of the oval face (in addition), which - we remind you - is the easiest face shape to highlight. In short, your proportions are well balanced! To sublimate the features of your oblong face, we recommend that you break the slender effect by opting for a hairstyle that will give your face width: a square, for example, or a mid-length hairstyle and layered at the level of your cheeks... Anyway: bet on fuzzy and unstructured haircuts! Also, know that the volume and wavy waves have everything to please you...

Oblong face | Find out what shape your face is to better highlight it!
Instagram: @sarahjessicaparker

There you go, you now know everything about the different face shapes there are and yours now has no secrets for you either! However, if - despite these explanations - you have not been able to clearly identify which of these different face shapes corresponds to yours, know that many people do. Indeed, with each morphology being unique, your face may very well embody the perfect combination of different shapes. So all you have to do is determine which ones!

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