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Scalp Pain: Tips And Tricks To Put An End To Hair Pain


How to stop having hair pain?

Scalp pain is manifested by various symptoms, not really pleasant. Between good reflexes and products to use, we give you the keys to say goodbye to this problem.

Scalp Pain: Tips And Tricks To Put An End To Hair Pain

Have you ever had hair pain? Be careful, we are not talking about a general malaise that you may feel the day after an evening when you have (a little) abused alcoholic beverages, but of this feeling of pain in the top of the skull, at the root. This scalp ailment can manifest itself in different ways: redness, itching, irritation, tingling, unpleasant touch...

What are the reasons for this sensitivity? How to recognize if it is punctual pain or a disease for which it is necessary to consult a doctor? What are the solutions available to us to relieve these ailments and find a healthy scalp? Between good reflexes and effective treatments, here are our tips to say goodbye to scalp pain!

Painful scalp: symptoms and causes

The causes of dryness and sensitivity of the scalp are multiple and depend on internal and external factors.

What to do when you have scalp pain?

The good news is that solutions exist. They depend on the severity of the symptoms you observe and the cause(s) you can identify (for example, if you feel itchy since using a particular shampoo or during a period of high stress). In the case of occasional pain, a good reflex is to gently massage the scalp when washing: this stimulates blood circulation and eliminates toxins. Swap your usual shampoo for a gentle cleansing treatment or even a baby shampoo.

Rinse well to prevent care residue from stagnating on the scalp. Avoid scratching, you risk accentuating the pain. If you have dandruff, you can use a scalp scrub to help remove dead skin. But beware: if the star product of recent months has the wind in its sails, experts recommend not using it more than once or twice a month and always with gentle gestures, at the risk of attacking the scalp… and creating inflammation!

If the problem is recurrent or the pain worries you, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a dermatologist: this skin specialist will be able to make a diagnosis on your feelings, give you advice, and guide you on the products to use. In the case of skin diseases such as seborrheic dermatitis or alopecia, he will be able to prescribe an effective treatment.

How to keep a healthy scalp?

We can never say it enough: a healthy scalp is also the guarantee of having beautiful hair. Because the hair is only alive at the root, in the hair follicle. In case of inflammation, the hair fiber grows while being weakened, and in the long term, it can only be sensitized more.

The right reflexes to adopt?

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