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Matcha Tea: 4 Simple And Tasty Recipes For Summer


Matcha not only tastes great as tea but is also wonderfully suitable as a noble ingredient in food and other drinks. We'll give you four recipes to try out.

Matcha Tea: 4 Simple And Tasty Recipes For Summer

Matcha: four recipes with the delicious green tea

Matcha can not only be enjoyed as tea. We'll reveal four simples (really simple!) Recipes with precious ingredients that you can imitate.

The recipe ideas come from Regina Carrai from La Via del Tè. The company was founded by her father Alfredo in Tuscany in 1961 and is entirely dedicated to tea. Matcha tea not only has a beneficial effect on the body and soul, but it also tastes delicious.

Matcha: four recipes with the delicious green tea | Matcha Tea: 4 Simple And Tasty Recipes For Summer
Instagram: @laviadelte

How do you recognize good matcha?

The quality of matcha tea depends on the quality of the tencha tea it is made from. Depending on the cultivation region, location, and altitude (flat land, mountain, or hill), the specialization of the manufacturer, and the variety of the tea plants and the shade of the bushes, different qualities are obtained. And finally, the type of grinding also plays a role. Traditionally, this is done with a granite mill (approx. 30 grams per hour).

In general, the brighter the color, the higher the quality of the matcha. Good quality is also characterized by a full-bodied, tasty, and a little bitter taste. In addition, it should definitely come from organic farming.

What do you need for the preparation?

For the traditional preparation, one uses a large ceramic cup ("cha-wan"), a broom ("cha-sen"), and a spoon for measuring ("cha-shaku"), which are made by skilled craftsmen from a single piece of bamboo are manufactured.


Delicious recipes with matcha

Matcha can be used to prepare excellent long drinks, unusual emerald green cocktails, milkshakes, or smoothies. Matcha also goes perfectly with the taste of chocolate - including white chocolate - and is a great filling for pralines and truffles. Matcha tea, mixed with breadcrumbs, makes vegetables or fish unique and gives color and taste to even the simplest dishes. Green tea is also an excellent ingredient for creamy sauces for fish, chicken, and vegetables.

Delicious recipes with matcha | Matcha Tea: 4 Simple And Tasty Recipes For Summer
Instagram: @laviadelte

Recipe 1: Matcha Smoothie Cream

An ideal breakfast: Cut 1 banana into slices and put it in the blender together with some brown sugar, milk (or a vegetable alternative), 1.5–2 grams of matcha powder, and ice cubes, and let it become a creamy mass.

Recipe 2: fish fillet with matcha

Bake the fish fillets in the oven. Halfway through the cooking time, cover each fillet with an even layer of breadcrumbs that have been seasoned with salt, pepper, and matcha powder (approx. 4–5 grams for 4 fillets). Finish cooking under the grill so that the crust is nice and crispy.

Recipe 3: Tiramisu with Matcha

Proceed as with normal tiramisu, but add some matcha to the mascarpone: 2 teaspoons of matcha are sufficient for tiramisu for 8 people.

Recipe 4: Chia pudding with matcha

Dissolve 2 teaspoons of matcha tea in warm milk (200 ml). Add 1 teaspoon of honey and 30 grams of chia seeds and stir everything together. Then pour the mixture into two glasses, cover them and let the pudding rest in the refrigerator for at least 3 to 4 hours, preferably all night. To further refine the recipe, you can garnish the pudding with fresh or dried fruit.

Recipe 4: Chia pudding with matcha | Matcha Tea: 4 Simple And Tasty Recipes For Summer
Instagram: @laviadelte

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