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Grow Hair Faster - 6 Tips That Will Help


Hair just doesn't seem to want to grow past shoulder length? Many of us are probably familiar with this feeling. To a certain extent, this is a matter of predisposition, after all, the texture and quality of the hair are significantly influenced by the genes. But still, there are some things you can do for a long, strong mane.

Grow Hair Faster - 6 Tips That Will Help
Did they get longer? In fact, it is often only undyed roots that show us whether the hair has become longer.

1. Nourish scalp to make hair grow faster

If a lot of hair is to grow out of the scalp quickly, it must be in good shape. Dandruff, for example, can lead to inflammation in the hair follicles and thus promote hair loss. Masks with a peeling effect help here, for example, mixed with fine-grain sea salt or ground sunflower seeds, which promote blood circulation in the scalp and can thus stimulate hair growth. The masks should ideally be used once a week, after which the hair is washed as usual. With toners, you also free the scalp from excess sebum and put an end to greasy dandruff.

2. Have the tips trimmed regularly

Of course, there is nothing to the old wives' tale that hair would grow faster if the tips were trimmed regularly! And yet, in order to have a long mane, you should go to the hairdresser regularly. The reason: split ends at the ends can wind up, the result is split hair that sooner or later has to be cut off completely - if it hasn't already fallen out beforehand.

3. Give your hair a break

Hairdryer heat and styling procedures with straightening irons, curling irons, and the like can cause small burns on the hair surface. And by the way: Even the inconspicuous hair tie cuts into it and strains the hair structure, and a tight ponytail can pull hair out and damage the roots and scalp. So don't be so harsh on your hair (always) and let it air dry at least once a week instead of blow drying it. In between, rely on natural styles and loose hairstyles. For example, tie your mane lightly together or, ideally, leave it completely open. This allows hair to grow quickly and healthily.

4. Eat your fill!

Are you eating without carbohydrates? This is not a good idea - at least not if you want to grow a magnificent mane. Hair is one of the fastest-growing tissues in the body and therefore needs plenty of energy, preferably from complex carbohydrates such as whole-grain products or legumes. In addition, hair is not vital for the human body - even if this is subjectively often perceived differently - so absorbed nutrients are first routed to other, more important cells. So make sure you eat adequately, because: If the energy requirement is not covered, hair growth will slow down first.


5. Pay attention to the right nutrients

6. "Dope" your hair!

Do hair growth serums sound like a hoax to you? for no reason! Most of them contain circulation-enhancing additives such as caffeine or vitamin biotin, which has been proven to promote growth. They are particularly effective if you take them in the form of food supplements - there are hard capsules in the pharmacy. Don't be afraid of sprouting armpit hair or fur on your legs, the growth boosters only work on the hair on your head. But please be patient: It can take a good three months for hair growth to be stimulated.

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