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White Tea: This Fine Type Of Tea Is So Healthy For Skin And Body

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It is considered the champagne among the tea varieties and supports a healthy body and beautiful skin thanks to its valuable ingredients: white tea. We explain what distinguishes this exclusive type of tea and why it is worth replacing your morning coffee with a cup of white tea.

The finest tea in the world: white tea is so healthy for the skin and body

The finest tea in the world: white tea is so healthy for the skin and body | White tea: This fine type of tea is so healthy for skin and body
White tea is not only considered the finest tea in the world, but also very healthy

White tea is considered one of the most exclusive teas in the world

White tea has been valued in China for centuries for its healing powers and its mild, sweet, and harmonious taste. Once the drink was reserved for the Chinese emperor and his court, today you can enjoy tea all over the world. Nevertheless, this is still considered to be particularly exclusive. This is especially true for teas that come from Fujian.

The Chinese province is the region of origin - this is where the "real" white tea of the highest quality is produced. However, because the cultivation areas are limited, countless buds have to be picked by hand and the harvest can only take place on a few days in spring, white tea is particularly rare and one of the most expensive varieties in the world.

In addition to Fujian, the valuable tea is now also grown in other regions of China, in Sri Lanka or Thailand. This is usually a little cheaper, the quality can vary greatly.

White tea is considered one of the most exclusive teas in the world | White tea: This fine type of tea is so healthy for skin and body
The leaves and buds that make healthy white tea are covered with a silky, white fluff

Which white tea is the best? The main variety

The tea is obtained from the young tea leaves and buds of the tea bush, which come from the large white tea bush, among other things. This belongs to the tea plant genus Camellia sinensis, whose leaves are used to make green tea.

The white fluff that envelops the buds and leaves is what gives white tea its name. A distinction is made between the three most famous varieties, which also reveal a lot about the quality of the tea:

The production of white tea

After the harvest, the young leaves and buds of the tea plant are sorted out and withered on bamboo mats and gently dried, ideally in the sun. So there is only slight oxidation, which gives the tea its characteristic flowery taste.


Why is white tea particularly healthy? These ingredients put DRI

The white tea is not only characterized by its fine, sweet taste, but also by its healthy ingredients:

Anti-aging elixir: what effect does white tea have on the skin

Anyone who regularly drinks a cup of white tea infusion can look forward to healthy and firm skin. The polyphenols and catechins they contain fight free radicals. These aggressive oxygen compounds can accelerate the aging process as they attack the skin cells and promote the breakdown of firming proteins such as collagen.

The antioxidant effect of tea is good prevention against free radicals, prevents the premature formation of wrinkles, and protects the skin from negative environmental influences such as UV radiation. At the same time, the tea helps to stop inflammatory processes in the body that can have a negative effect on the complexion of the skin.

Tip: White tea also supports the skin from the outside, for example as an ingredient in cosmetic products.

The health benefits of white tea

White tea is a traditional remedy in Chinese medicine. An overview of all the advantages that are said to have been given to it:

1. White tea gives the morning caffeine kick

The caffeine in white tea has a stimulating effect and can increase concentration. However, it is significantly gentler than the caffeine in coffee. It mainly stimulates the central nervous system and has a less powerful, but longer-lasting effect curve. The caffeine from tea is also well tolerated by people with sensitive stomachs.

2. Cooling effect

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ascribes a Yin character to the infusion, which means that the drink has a cooling effect on the organism. This is therefore drunk when there is a fever or hot temperatures.

2. Cooling effect | White tea: This fine type of tea is so healthy for skin and body
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3. Protection for the heart

The high catechin content gives the tea a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. The tannins are said to naturally lower bad LDL cholesterol levels and blood pressure, inhibit inflammation and eliminate free radicals. The infusion can thus help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

4. Antibacterial And Detoxifying Effects

The drink counteracts bacteria and should stimulate the organism's detoxification processes. It thus contributes to the normal function of the immune system.


How is white tea made?

The preparation of the tea is best done in a preheated pot:

Tip: Because polyphenols are particularly well absorbed in combination with vitamin C, you can drink the infusion with a dash of fresh lemon juice.

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