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Bixie Bob: Trendy Short Haircut To Adopt In 2023


If you want hair changes for the New Year, we have found the solution: the Bixie bob. This is the new trendy short haircut for 2022.

Bixie Bob: Trendy Short Haircut To Adopt In 2023

You surely know the French bob, the classic bob, and the Italian bob. If all these hairstyles are still trendy this winter, for the new year 2022, we are even more up-to-date with the Bixie bob. This new haircut is a short bob which, as the name may have already told you, is halfway between the pixie cut and the classic bob (bob). On the top, the lengths are very tapered and degraded to give volume, however, we keep the impeccable shape of the bob on the lengths below to harmonize and structure the whole.

The Bixie bob, if you haven't heard of it, isn't new. It was the flagship cut of the 90s! Winona Ryder, Victoria Beckham, or even Cameron Diaz… (almost) all the most famous celebrities of this vintage era have fallen for the Bixie bob, why not you?

How to adopt the Bixie bob?

It will be a question of keeping the shape and structure of the bob by tapering the top lengths to obtain the illusion of volume and that tousled styled effect that we will find in many cuts in 2022. If the Bixie bob is reserved for Preferably the smoothest hair types, it can also be worn on wavy and curly hair. Be careful, however, if you adopt a square on thick hair so as not to add volume.

How to adopt the Bixie bob? | Bixie Bob: Trendy Short Haircut To Adopt In 2023
Instagram: @billieeilish

The return of the 90s

You will understand, the 90s have made a dazzling comeback in recent months. Wardrobe, shoes, makeup, hairstyle… in short, everything comes back to the fore and we applaud with both hands! If you're looking for inspiration for your looks, your old photos and trends from 1990-2000 are the place to look.

The return of the 90s | Bixie Bob: Trendy Short Haircut To Adopt In 2023
Instagram: @florencepugh

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