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How Often To Shampoo Your Hair - A Professional Will Give Advice


From the right amount of shampoo to the most important techniques and the famous double shampoo technique: Here is a compilation of the best tips from George Northwood, the hairdresser of the stars, for optimizing your hair wash and a healthy look.

Double shampooing: Meghan Markle's London hairstylist explains how to wash your hair ideally

Double shampooing: Meghan Markle's London hairstylist explains how to wash your hair ideally | How often to shampoo your hair - a professional will give advice

We currently have more time for care, so here is a professional guide that reminds you: Why shampooing twice is important and how often we should shampoo our hair at all.

How much shampoo is recommended and how often should you shampoo your hair?

"I'm personally a big fan of the double shampoo," says George Northwood, who cares for the hair of Alexa Chung, Alicia Vikander, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - as well as of Meghan Markle in London. "Most people don't get their hair really clean when they wash, so it ends up covered in some kind of film that over time leads to dullness and lack of shine. Shampooing twice gives you an initial wash to remove excess dirt and grime and then do a second wash to get it squeaky clean. " The main mistake we all make, according to Northwood, is using too much shampoo in the first place and adding more and more whenever we find we're not building up enough foam.

More shampoo means washing your hair less often

Shampooing and washing your hair twice does not mean that you use more products - on the contrary, you will find that you use even less. "If you wash your hair twice, you don't need a lot of shampoos - may be a two-cent blob for each time," he told us. "The first wash probably won't create a lot of foam because it just removes all the dirt and debris. It can even be pretty half-hearted - just squirt the product into your hands, rub them together and run through your hair. I call that external cleaning. The second shampoo is then the opportunity to really get it to the roots and create a real foam. " Northwood says that for most hair types, it's best to wash your hair every two to three days - although of course, those with particularly fine hair may want to wash it more often, while those with very curly or afro hair usually take a longer break can. "If anything, you'll likely find that doing a double clean will make you wash it less often because you're really doing a deep clean instead of just scratching the surface," he suggests.

More shampoo means washing your hair less often | How often to shampoo your hair - a professional will give advice
By shampooing twice, your hair gets a deep cleansing and has to be washed less often.

How about a conditioner?

When rinsing, you should be guided by your hair type. Those with very fine hair may not want to use conditioner at all - "in which case, always have a Tangle Teezer on hand" - while others may prefer to apply it only to the tips or all over for particularly dry or coarse hair. "If it's really thick, put a lot of it in your hair," says Northwood. "It also helps to wring out your hair well before applying the conditioner, because excess water will only dilute the product. And apply it especially to the tips if you've had balayage or if your hair is a little split and needs a cut." The idea is that if you wash your hair twice, it will get really clean - this should make it a lot easier for you to determine what it needs.

For hair that gets greasy quickly, Northwood suggests using a leave-in spray conditioner, which is lighter and less rich to the touch than a shower version. "It's also about using the right products and finding something that suits your hair type," he says. "A lot of people have some sort of hair dysmorphism and think their hair is much drier than it is and compensates for that with over-rich products. That only creates buildup, while lighter shampoo and conditioner give better results used. " Finally, a few reassuring words about the biggest worry about washing your hair. "If you find a whole load of hair in the bathroom after you wash it, don't worry too much," says Northwood. "As long as it doesn't really have the excessive volume or you can find places on your scalp that have lost a lot of hair, it's perfectly normal for you to lose some hair while washing." And that - as well as the importance of dry shampoo for the days in between - is all you need to know.

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