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Alexa Chung'S Fall Hair Suits Every Woman


You can't go wrong with this chic, modern hair color guaranteed in the fall. Style icon Alexa Chung wears the perfect shade that suits every woman...

Alexa Chung's Fall Hair Suits Every Woman
Do you want to change? Then why not try out Alexa Chung's fall hair color?...

Whether as a model, designer, or style icon - Alexa Chung inspires us again and again. This time it's not an autumn look or a trendy piece that she was spotted with and with which she inspires us, but her hair color.

Alexa Chung's Fall Hair Suits Every Woman
Instagram: @alexachung

When it comes to hair, her bob cut is typical of Alexa Chung. This is sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, sometimes she wears a pony, sometimes not - but one thing always stays the same: her brunette hair color. And this is not just a monochrome, boring tone, but a rich copper brown that creates liveliness in the hair and makes its wearer appear fresh, modern, and young. A nuance that we all crave a little now and then, right?

Why copper brown is perfect in autumn?

The hair color that Alexa Chung wears is a shade that not only looks great on women of all ages but is also the ideal choice for those who are undecided, especially in the autumn months. You are wondering why? The copper brown looks elegant, natural, subtle, and yet fresh and modern. In addition, the nuance is multidimensional. If light falls in, the strands appear sometimes redder, sometimes a little browner, and thus effortlessly provide liveliness and curl in the hair. The copper brown also harmonizes wonderfully with light and darker tones and can therefore be perfectly integrated into the autumn wardrobe and, above all, combined with it.

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