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This Mistake When Blow-Drying Hair Makes Us Look Older


Blow-drying hair is a regular must for many of us - but in addition to care protection, you should pay attention to another important detail. Anyone who makes this mistake when blow-drying will immediately look years older.

This Mistake When Blow-Drying Hair Makes Us Look Older
When blow-drying, you should be careful to avoid a very specific mistake.

This Mistake When Blow-Drying Hair Makes Us Look Older
How we dry our hair has an impact on how old we look.

Not only our choice of clothes and make-up determines how young or old we appear to the outside world. Even the hairstyle makes a world of difference! Therefore, when cutting and styling, you should also make sure that the hairstyle is appropriate for your age and visually flatters you. After all, who would want to be cheated on for unnecessary years?

This mistake when blow-drying hair makes us look old immediately

In addition to the cut, there are also things that you should consider when styling. Especially when blow-drying, we tend to make a typical mistake that quickly makes our look bland and unnecessarily old. What are you talking about?

When blow-drying, we often hold the device at an angle from above on our hair while we slide the brush down. The problem with this: We blow-dry our hair flat. Whether we have straight, wavy, or curly mane - this movement robs our hairstyle of volume.

That's why flat hair makes us look older

Flat, limp hair is a natural phenomenon that accompanies aging as the hair becomes thinner and less dense. In addition, they are even more prone to breakage. That's why flat hair automatically makes us look a few years older. We want volume! So how to blow-dry your hair so that the manes look full but not bushy?

Volume when blow-drying with this technique

For a dynamic swing, only blow-dry the hairline from above. They should not do without it so that the hair does not become frizzy and bushy. Then, when blow-drying, pull the individual strands horizontally with the brush – or upwards if your arm muscles allow it – away from your head while blowing them dry. This should happen in a steady stream. After blow-drying, it is best to apply a volume-giving product to the lengths.

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