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"Blunt Edges" Short Hairstyle Is Perfect For Fine Hair


Are you looking for a haircut that gives your hair more volume and fullness? Then you are exactly right here.

"Blunt Edges" Short Hairstyle is Perfect for Fine Hair
Do you have fine hair?

"Blunt Edges" Short Hairstyle is Perfect for Fine Hair
This haircut gives you more volume!

Fine hair is just as beautiful as thick manes, but they often lack volume. That's why they often look flat and powerless - and that doesn't really matter. The solution to the volume problem is simple styling tricks and products that add strength and fullness to our thin hair. But the path to volume begins much earlier, with the haircut! Here we show you a chic short hairstyle that is not only versatile but also perfect for giving fine hair more volume.

Blunt edges for fine hair

The cutting trick for fine hair is blunt edges. That may sound strange now and sounds much more elegant in English (Blunt Edges), but behind it lies a recipe for success for more volume. The hair is cut so accurately that the ends cannot curl, but remain straight. Many layers can make it look even thinner, especially with straight hair.

For this look, the hair is cut off at about shoulder height. It is best to combine the edges with a straight center parting and ensure that your tips remain smooth when styled. A great look for this would be soft waves in the middle hair and smooth ends, as worn here by influencer Aimee Song.

Blunt edges for fine hair | "Blunt Edges" Short Hairstyle is Perfect for Fine Hair
Instagram: @aimeesong

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