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Hair Color Trends 2021


Are you already looking for hair inspiration for the time after the lockdown? Then we have a few ideas! See the hair color trends for 2021 here.

Hair color trends 2021

Do you fancy a new hair color?

Even when hairdressers are currently closed, we can still dream - of the hair color trends in 2021. Now we have enough time to choose a color that really suits us. Because the new year is a new beginning and we prefer to start it with a fresh and new look.

1. Pastel balayage

Do you fancy something new? Then the colorful pastel balayage would be a good idea! She is a dream of soft pink or blonde tones and is therefore also best suited for blondes. The balayage creates a nice mix of different nuances, which gives the hair more volume.

1. Pastel balayage | Hair color trends 2021

© Instagram @rossmichaelssalon

2. Baby lights

Baby lights are currently more than popular! They create a beautiful lightness and are super easy to style. It is a mixture of highlights and balayage in soft shades of blonde. Usually, the tips are lighter than the base.

2. Baby lights | Hair color trends 2021

© Instagram @hairbychrissydanielle

3. Chunky highlights

According to the Wella Colorcharm color trend report 2021, eye-catching highlights are about to make a comeback. These highlights are in contrast to normal hair color and are therefore usually stronger and darker. They visually provide more fullness and volume.

3. Chunky highlights | Hair color trends 2021

3. Chunky highlights | Hair color trends 2021

© Instagram @cassderosa

4. Sand Tropez

Sand Tropez - also known as Winterbronde - stands for a gentle holiday blonde that is reminiscent of the beach. The hair color is a nice mix of warm and cool sand and beige tones. Perfect for everyone who likes to wander off on vacation.

4. Sand Tropez | Hair color trends 2021

4. Sand Tropez | Hair color trends 2021

© Instagram @diagonalcoiffurenimes


5. Blush

Rouge is a stunning shade of red - inspired by the Queen's Gambit series on Netflix. The refined color is rich and slightly darker than the familiar copper red, but still lighter than red-brown. This look is particularly suitable for brunette women, as brown hair is the perfect base.

5. Blush | Hair color trends 2021

© Instagram @nouvel_hair_by_micheline_coiff

6. Alpine Ice

This icy shade is best shown off with the balayage technique. Since this is a very light, almost white blonde, it is important that the hair is very light beforehand. For this look, dark hair has to be bleached and this process is not very healthy for the hair. The lighter the hair is, the less difficult it is to create Alpine Ice.

6. Alpine Ice | Hair color trends 2021

© Instagram @mr.mishwu

7. Mushroom Blonde

Mushroom Blonde is the perfect mix of light browns and dark blondes. The base color is ashy and the hair consists of various shades of light brown, beige, and gray. Mushroom Blonde is the perfect choice for blondes who want to get darker or brunettes who want to get lighter.

7. Mushroom Blonde | Hair color trends 2021

© Instagram @wellahairuki

8. Golden Black

Raven black was yesterday! The new version of the dark curls has a hint of brown in it. This sassy yet glamorous color is set to be a big trend in the New Year. Golden Black is a light black - or a very dark shade of brown with a hint of golden undertones.

8. Golden Black | Hair color trends 2021

© Instagram @andrewthedenton

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