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"Boyband Bob" From The 90S Is Celebrating Its Revival


We came across the new hairstyle trend "Boyband Bob" and tell you how to style the hairstyle correctly.

"Boyband Bob" From The 90s Is Celebrating Its Revival
The "Boyband Bob" is celebrating its revival and we have all the information about it!

"Boyband Bob" From The 90s Is Celebrating Its Revival
Kaia Gerber has been rocking the hairstyle for a long time and shows what it looks like in the Sleek Look.

Fancy a new exciting hairstyle? How about a bob? If you have long hair, your eyes are bound to be big right now. Deciding on a radical cut for a long mane definitely takes effort. But if you want to give yourself a real makeover, then we tell you that you can't go wrong with a bob. The good thing about the hairstyle is that it comes in different varieties and there is something for everyone.

But today it's all about the "Boyband Bob", which is number one in the hairstyle charts this year. We will now reveal what makes the hairstyle so special and how you style it.

"Boyband Bob": That's what sets it apart

As the name suggests, the "Boyband Bob" is inspired by the hairstyles of popular boy band members from the '90s. We remember the legendary bands like "Backstreet Boys", "N'Sync" or "Take That". In addition to the boy band members, stars such as David Beckham, Johnny Depp, and Leonardo DiCaprio wore the hairstyle at the time. Anyone who now thinks that the bob only suits male facial features is wrong. The cut is particularly soft, which makes it unisex and therefore also perfectly suits a female face. Model Kaia Gerber is a perfect example of this.

What is special about the bob and what sets it apart are the longer strands in the front, which casually reach from the forehead to the cheekbones. The rest of the hair is cut short.

"Boyband Bob": Who doesn't like the hairstyle?

There is a perfect hairstyle for every face shape. Since the boyband bob is a fairly short hairstyle that puts the focus on the cheeks, it is not particularly flattering on round faces. The hair structure can also play an important role here. If your hair is particularly curly, the hairstyle may be difficult to style and may not sit properly.

"Boyband Bob": How do I style the hairstyles

Since the "boyband bob" looks best when it's messy and natural, it doesn't need any great styling. However, it sits best with straight hair. If you already have straight hair, you can simply let it air dry after washing your hair so that it falls naturally. To give the hairstyle some volume, you can use a texture spray. Alternatively, you can massage a hair mousse into wet hair and then let the mane air dry.

If you don't like the messy look, you can of course leave the strands straight or straighten them with a straightening iron. If you are willing to experiment, you can always change the parting of your hair to change your hairstyle a bit.

`Boyband Bob`: How do I style the hairstyles | "Boyband Bob" From The 90s Is Celebrating Its Revival
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