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This Simple Winter Hairstyle Can Be Achieved In A Few Minutes


There is often a lack of time and inspiration for sophisticated hairstyles in the morning. Especially in winter, when hats and headbands are worn every day. But this ingenious winter hairstyle is guaranteed to change your mind!

This Simple Winter Hairstyle Can Be Achieved In A Few Minutes
This winter hairstyle is a real eye-catcher!

Colorful towels are a classic summer accessory? Not always, because they are also great for spicing up our winter hairstyle! Instead of a normal braid or bun, women of fashion wear this beautiful braided hairstyle with a scarf in winter. And the best thing about it: It looks more elaborate than it is.

How does the simple braided hairstyle work with a scarf for the winter?

What do you need?:

It's that easy:

First, make two braids of the same size on both sides. Then take a long and beautiful cloth to hand. Put this over your shoulders so that it is the same length on both sides. Then tuck the scarf through the hair on both sides over the hair elastic. Now it hangs directly over the braid. Now divide the braids into two strands, use the scarf as the third strand, and braid with it until the end. Then close with a hair tie. Now take both braids backward and crosswise. Then place it over your head and tie the ends of the scarf together at the top. Hide the rest of the cloth with clips and pin in place. The incredibly simple and fast winter hairstyle is finished!

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